Saturday, April 23, 2011

Separated At Birth: WI Recount Edition

Deer-in-the headlights WI Judge Kloppenburg, and; an actual deer in the headlights.

"Do you still feel that you are the winner of the election?" Watch her reaction at about 1:40.
h/t: Hot Air

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Mudge said...

The real question here is what is in the Wisconsin water (or perhaps milk) that voters there would give this nutjob even the most remote chance of winning such an election? Isn't she the sitting Assistant Atty General? Good Lord. Beautiful state, but something is very seriously amiss with the people who surrendered their votes to this woman. Perhaps the EPA should chart where all the Kloppenburg voters reside and investigate the content of all the water sources within a 20-mile radius of each concentration. This is serious--we conservatives might have to lay off all beer from Milwaukee until that study results are made a matter of public record.

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