Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Veepstakes

Ok, folks.  A new feature.  Every Friday, I want you to comment on this blog post who you think the GOP VP nominee will be.  Not who you want, who you think would be best, who would help the ticket--etc.  But who you actually think it will be.

My guess?  Marco Rubio.  Three-fer--conservative, ethnic, Florida.


Sally said...

I'm starting to really think it could be Paul Ryan. But since this is going to be a weekly feature, I can change my mind and offer up about seventeen more candidates between now and the convention.

"The Hammer" said...

South Carolina's Nikki Haley is getting a lot of mentions today. She's a woman (obviously), she went to Clemson (the reddest of redneck schools) and although she acts and sounds like an educated cracker, she's actually a Sikh.
And let me tell you what, them are some bad mamajammers, and they God-damn hate a raghead with a purple passion. And for me the icing on the cake is she's got a stripper name.
Hey, what's not to like?

Henry Hendrix said...

I for one think the pattern of the last Republican administration should be followed again. Romney should look for a senior cabinet level official from the last administration who has a lot of national security experience, and not pay a lot of attention to the state they are from (I mean Cheney was from Wyoming for pete's sake), but rather what kind of stand up advice they can give on national security and perhaps more importantly for Massachusetts governor Romney, how to get things done in DC, so my suggestion is, you guessed it: Don Rumsfeld.
Just kidding! I suggest Condi Rice.

Mudge said...

I like the Nikki Haley option except, as with just about every other conservative woman, she'll become ground zero for a real war on women from those who are so quick to claim victimhood of wars on women whenever their political moodswings find it convenient. There would be less vitriol and venom from NOW, NEA, SEIU, the MSM, Debbie Washyerhair Schultz and the other usual suspects if Romney chose Rush Limbaugh as his VEEP candidate. Everyone wants to claim how brutal the election year attack ads have been--go ahead and nom another woman this year. It'll make the GOP primaries look like a school yard first kiss compared to the non-consentual sodomy the left will force upon any citizen who volunteers HERself to become a GOP nominee for VPOTUS against the ever so civility-conscious administration we now have in power.

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