Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oooo Ahhhh, Oooo baaaa maaa!

Surfeited academics, discontented leftists and simpleminded college students were absolutely rapturous today at the sight of our acclaimed and esteemed leader Barack Hussein Obama as he spoke at North Carolina's flagship institute of higher education, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The President reassured the crowd of malcontents, eggheads and women's studies majors (in his much improved "black" accent) that jobs were waiting just around the corner, although the economic recovery from the worst recession since the Great Depression which he inherited from the Republicans and George W. Bush was in no way the fault of the Democrats or more precisely himself. He warned the assemblage that they would almost assuredly be required to repay their government backed student loans, per the terms of their contracts, should the Republicans be allowed to "take over". He also reiterated that should the unthinkable happen, women would be debased, minorities would be subjugated and old people would be euthanized.

All in all a wonderful day at Carmichael Auditorium (capacity 10,000) and much more intimate than his last appearance at the Dean E. Smith Center (capacity 21,500) in 2008.

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