Sunday, April 1, 2012

Why We MUST Re-Elect the President

I know what you're thinking: "Hammer, have you gone crazy?" Well, yes actually, but that was years ago. No friends, I'm deadly serious. I've had an epiphany, a revelation, a moment of clarity, whatever you want to call it, and I've concluded we should re-elect President Obama.

Here's why...
•Some of you may not think Obama is up for the job, but the rest of the world does. He continues to be the most popular American President, at least overseas, in my lifetime. We have to live on this planet so we may as well try to get along.
•Why buck the trend? We know socialized medicine, green energy, a weakened USA is coming; it's only a matter of time. So let's adjust to the new reality and get on board the gravy train. You might just like it.
•Things are getting better, whether you acknowledge it or like it is irrelevant. Unemployment is coming down and the stock market is booming. Fat times are just around the corner. It seems Obama has successfully laid the groundwork for a restructured European style economy that works. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
•Obama is way cool! Do you people actually want some tired old white guy running the show, especially Romney? The press will be writing about how it's "meatloaf Wednesday" at the White House, or how the Romney's refuse to drink wine at State dinners embarrassing hell out of us in front of the Spanish Ambassador. We just can't take a chance on a nerdy Mormon. His wife drives a Cadillac for Pete's sake.

So do what you want, but "The Hammer" is officially and enthusiastically endorsing President Barack Hussein Obama for re-election!


Uncle Willie said...

You better change your booze Hammer, it's effecting your brain rather quickly.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

They ARE the coolest shades a President has worn since JFK.

Doc Milnamo said...

April the First huh?

Tom de Plume said...


April fools!

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