Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reflections on the John Edwards Trial

Does anyone care about this stupid story?  Really, is this guy's trial worth any press at all, much less than the coverage it's getting on every network and news site?  I say no, this is even less interesting than the Casey Anthony news overload, and I doubt anyone is that fascinated by it.   So why the coverage, when there was a total lack of interest four years ago?

Maybe it's just too salacious a story for reporters to ignore, but I think the media is trying to right the egregious wrong of ignoring the story the first time around, when the National Enquirer was left to cover it.

This is NOT a defense of John Edwards...just a criticism of the breathless coverage of it.     

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"The Hammer" said...

With all the mindless rubbish we are constantly inundated with on a daily basis, this is just salve for the soul.
I admit I have been interested in this from the beginning. Edwards and I went to the same school, hell the same building actually (Nelson Hall), and I've followed his career since he started making a name for himself as a extremely successful ambulance chaser. I've always had the inkling that he was full of more shit that a Christmas turkey. I heard the local rumors that he like to screw around. I watch when the Democrats recruited him to run against crusty old Lauch Faircloth when the guy had no interest in politics whatsoever at any time in his life (he hadn't even voted for years). I watched as he built his way way way over-the-top (28k sq. ft.) mansion out in the middle of Orange County complete with a gymnasium (the floor is an exact replica of the Dean Dome's). I heard about him screwing contractors (the other kind of screwing) and how he bullied his neighbors.
So for me, I'm real interested in this case, and from the news reports I'm seeing Andrew Young is holding up pretty well and old John Boy might be taking a vacation.
This whole mess for me proves once again a universal truth, of which I've seen demonstrated time and again in my own life and through observation. And that truth is, when things are going well and you get so damn full of yourself, and you start ignoring the good people in your life, and you lose your humility, then God gets your ass! The Bible said it perfectly, "Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall". And so it is.

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