Wednesday, April 25, 2012

"It's Still the Economy....and We're Not Stupid!"

Go ahead.  Watch it.  Tell me you don't want this man to be the next President.  Tell me he isn't going to take the fight right to the President.  Tell me he's not going to remind Americans every day between now and November 6 that we elected a President without a record of accomplishment, and now that he has one, it isn't much to crow about. 


Anonymous said...

Read Eugene Robinson's piece this morning. According to him, this campaign shouldn't be about the economy.

Oh brother.

Sally said...

Great speech. He gets better and better as time goes on. But while watching it, both last night and again just now, I was fascinated by the angry little fella w/crossed arms to Romney's left.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Looks like Hugo Chavez to me.

Mudge said...

He needs to turn parts of that into a commercial this summer to play until November. I just bought about 8 milliseconds of it in your name, CW.

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