Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Ain't it Great! The Dems Saved the American Auto Industry

I'm getting a little tired of the Democrats crowing about how they saved the car business. For 50 long years the Democrats have relentlessly attacked Detroit. Since Ralph Nader's scurrilous "Unsafe at Any Speed" libeling Chevrolet's Corvair (later proved false by the NHTSA), liberals have done everything in their power to bring down the Big Three. By their own admission they hate cars. They hate fossil fuels. They want everyone riding around on bicycles or mass-transit (unless of course you're a liberal and can afford a limo).

Since the early 70's they subjected the car industry to ever changing, all intrusive, hyper-regulations designed to weaken the jewel in the crown of America's industrial might. As a result of their short-sighted, self-important, champaign cocktail brand of liberalism, they have killed jobs killed cities and ruined lives. And to add insult to injury, after all their wicked plans came to fruition, they took our money and propped up an industrial zombie while screwing legitimate investors. Then they actually gave part of it to hard-left radicals in the UAW so they can build the kind of cars LIBERALS think we should have. And now they have the gall to actually claim they "saved" GM, saved it from bankruptcy. No they didn't, they killed GM deader than dead. What you see now is General Motors on Obama life-support. And it's painfully clear that's what they wanted all along.

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