Saturday, September 29, 2012

The No Consequence Administration

Egypt is turning into a nightmare before our very eyes, and we are getting ready to pay good money to help this nightmare on its way.

Our Acting President Secretary of State had this to say, presumably about events that encompass Egypt: 

“The recent riots and protests throughout the region have brought the challenge of transition into sharp relief,” Mrs. Clinton said, without mentioning the assistance to Egypt specifically. “Extremists are clearly determined to hijack these wars and revolutions to further their agendas and ideology, so our partnership must empower those who would see their nations emerge as true democracies.” 

No Mrs. Clinton.  The "extremists" are the people we're getting ready to hand $450M over to.  

Storm our embassy, raise the Al Qaeda Flag, take our money.  When will we learn.


"The Hammer" said...

Liberals operate in the ethereal somewhere between fantasy and reality. You know, like being a UVA or NCSU football fan. Learning has nothing to do with it.

Mudge said...

From my post here on Dec 6, 2008:

"Okay, am I the only person on the planet who is left scratching his head over the universally-accepted "fact" that Hillary Clinton is well-qualified? Although you certainly haven't endorsed that assertion, the absence of any comment that the very seat this relative of experienced politicians (and not particularly good ones) is under consideration to fill is being left vacant by someone of just about the same level of experience leaves me to wonder if maybe you accept this widely-held view. There, I said it. I refuse to accept the "fact" that Hillary Clinton is qualified to be President, Vice President or Secretary of State for the United States of America. And I didn't see her as being any more qualified to be a Senator of a state, even if she had chosen to be a Senator of a state in which she had once lived. That the people of New York disagreed with me simply confirmed that I have not ever been nor will ever be a New Yorker. I won't even ever drive a New Yorker, assuming Chrysler lives long enough to sell me one but that's a different rant."

Returning to 2012:
I wish to acknowledge that I was judging her performance before she even had a chance to perform. Now that she has been SecState for almost 4 years, I have to update my commments: "Could we possibly have found a person less competent to forward our national interests abroad?"
Wait a minute, I see the problem as I read my own question. "Forward" means backward if you look leftward.

Never mind.

"The Hammer" said...

You're a damned clairvoyant Mudge.

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