Friday, September 14, 2012

The President and the White House Press Corps

President Obama has broken up with the White House Press Corps.  He's just not that into them.  Oh yes, he does interviews and he answers questions, but these are with pliant members and coached members of local media, in addition to "entertainment" venues such as the "Pimp with a Limp"

But the folks who go to the White House every day to cover the Administration?  They get Jay Carney.  Including the other day, when President Obama spoke to them about the tragedy in Libya, then turned tail to head to Nevada for fundraising.  No questions.

Because we know the media is practiced in collusion, I have a recommendation for them.  The White House Press Corps should go on strike.  That is, they should simply refuse to cover the Administration--do not interview them, do not write about them, do not give them the reliable megaphone--until the President begins to deal with them in a more equitable manner.

Think we'll see this?  Don't hold your breath.  Most of the people in that Press Corps are doing heavy lifting for Obama's re-election. 

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Sally said...

They're like battered wives.

Or maybe they're just resting, because they might have to get back to being actual journalists in January.

In the span of three days, the news surfaces that O rarely attends intel briefs, he blows off Netanyahu, takes off to a campaign rally in Vegas in the middle of a genuine crisis, and can't give a straight answer on whether Egypt is an ally or not. Can you imagine the press corps' reaction if this were Bush, or any Republican?

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