Friday, September 14, 2012

Is it Friday? Must Be Time To Contribute to CW For Romney!

Let's face it folks, the President got a little bump from his convention.  And now he's frittering it away trying to defend an indefensible foreign policy.

Mitt was spot on when he spoke out, and he's continuing to do so every day.

Please click this link to is essential that you check the box that says you know your referrer, and that when you do so, it brings up two boxes, one with "INT 2012" in it, and the other with the number "4847" in it.  If they aren't there, please type them in.  That's how the blog gets credit.  If you wouldn't mind, please send me an email ( if you donate, so that I can be on the lookout for the donation on my dashboard.

We are SO close to the $25,000 goal--and only $180 away from $18,000.  Will you be the one?

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