Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Romney In Death Spiral; Campaign In Turmoil, Up 6 ...

Here is what is happening, my friends.  The prevailing Democratic policy narrative and the shared mainstream media political preference narrative are largely coinciding--not that this is a surprise.  So when something comes up that is anomalous to these narratives, they are seized upon like a virus surrounded by white blood cells. 

Witness last week's incredible Bought and Paid For Media reaction to the murder of our Ambassador to Libya and the storming of diplomatic missions there and in Egypt.  Romney got out front on this, criticized the statements coming out of the Embassy in Cairo and leveled serious charges of malfeasance against the Obama Administration where the conduct of world affairs and the advancement of US interests are concerned.  The media collectively hyperventilated, conspiring with each other to ensure commonality of theme--no focus, mind you, on the substance of Romney's reaction--but on its TIMING.  Romney was accused of being quick on the trigger by the media (and the President) and for firing from the hip.  The din was overwhelming from the BAPF media--that this man CLEARLY is unsuited to be President.

Next, the DNC's newest tool, Politico, published a story excoriating the Romney campaign, citing numerous unnamed sources and generally fanning a fire pushing the notion that the campaign is in a shambles and directionless.

You know what?  America isn't listening.  America apparently likes what Mitt said about Libya --or at least didn't care for the Obama reaction, and it seems to think that Romney's campaign is doing just fine, thank you.  The 7 point bubble The One had after his convention is down to ONE POINT today in the Gallup Poll.  One point.

And now, we have a video in which Governor Romney says what almost every one of his supporters believes in their hearts....that the President comes to the table with a HUGE number of votes (47% by Romney's estimate), and that among them are those who do not pay taxes (and who would then not be terribly interested in his tax plans) , and those who seek to increase the dependency state in the US.  Again--this is anomalous to the tender ears of the Media/Democrat Complex, and they've taken to the barricades to denounce Romney. 

Please--keep it up.  Keep reminding hard working tax paying Americans that you are in favor of taking even MORE MONEY from them and distributing it to others.  Keep reminding hard-working income taxpayers that nearly one in two wage earners isn't kicking in to fund the military, borders, the courts or Solyndra.  Yes, yes, they have payroll taxes--but let us not forget that most will get every penny and more back in benefits from Social Security and Medicare.

I look forward to Gallup's polls next week.  Another disaster like this for Romney, and he can start measuring the drapes....

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Sally said...

He's still got to do some work. Ads and campaign appearances are fine but he's got to give some speeches laying out a vision. I love him but he's way too timid.

Beef Blogonoff said...

Entitlement reform is the third rail, and few politicians will touch it. Romney has to be strong in his conviction to deal with it now. He also has to hammer Obama over his policies that will fundamentally destroy this great nation.

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