Monday, October 24, 2011

Prepare to be Inspired

Isn't this just so nice. Due to be published in spring 2012: Michelle Obama's book on how her very own garden is inspiring families, schools and communities (the cover says so). I wonder what happens less: Mrs. O working in the garden or anyone actually being inspired by the garden.

Interestingly, Paula Deen offers a different take on Mrs. Obama's oft-discussed healthy eating habits. And the White House is apparently livid about it, as the National Enquirer (yeah, I know) reports here.


LL said...

She didn't get all that junk in the trunk by eating steamed veggies.

The mere SHADOW of her ass must weigh fifty pounds. (at high noon)

Tom de Plume said...

Wasn't the Enquirer the news organization that broke the news on John Edwards? Just think, NOBODY in the MSM had ANY idea of the escapades of St John.

"The Hammer" said...

Once a pea picker always a pea picker.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

"American Groan"

NavyAustin said...

I'm anti-gerund. I don't like any activities that end with -ing -- like gardening - because they never end. I want to build something. Then enjoy it. Whenever someone rich tells me about how some backbreaking labor-intensive activity is good for the soul and makes them feel in touch with the earth, I run for a frozen drink and a beach chair.

Mudge said...

Skill at distributing fertilizer does not a farmer make.

But if it did, Farmer O could feed the world.

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