Friday, October 28, 2011

WaPost Shamelessly Pursues Rubio

Well, it appears that the possibility of an Hispanic VP nominee is simply too much for the liberal intelligentsia to comprehend, as the attack machine is in high warble from the Washington Post to cut the rug out from under Florida sensation Marco Rubio.  We have a VP now who left a Presidential election in DISGRACE for having cribbed speeches from a British politician--but did we hear a peep of that from the WaPost last election?  Nah. 

Apparently Rubio's understanding of when his parents came to America and the facts appear to be at odds.  Whether this is because he is parroting their narrative, or because he has synthesized their story in order to make his own more interesting is the question.  I find myself not terribly interested in the answer, though I do find myself interested in the question--better yet, the timing of the question.


Sally said...

To echo Erickson's point, how is the Post can find Rubio's parents citizenship application (or request for asylum or whatever)-from over FIFTY years ago, mind you-and they can also learn about (but not actually lay eyes on) a rock in Texas that may or may not have a racial epithet on it, but they cannot find our President's college transcripts?

Sally said...

I meant, how is IT the Post can...

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