Saturday, October 8, 2011

Romney Talks Foreign Policy

Mitt Romney gave a speech at The Citadel the other day, laying out some foreign policy thoughts and announcing his foreign policy team.  Sounding more and more Presidential, Romney talked about America's place in the world and the special place that it occupies--directly taking on the current President's tepid views on American exceptionalism.

Readers with a keen eye will note that Mr. Romney is an American Seapower man--stating that among his 100 day priorities would be to increase the Navy's shipbuilding plan from 9 to 15 ships a year.  Additionally, he sees and understands the necessity to meet China's rise with strength and firmness--provided mainly by the Navy and the Air Force.

Again folks--at one time I supported Governor Romney because I thought he was the only guy who could beat Mr. Obama. Now I support him because I want him to be President.

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Anonymous said...

Ah yes, a few TLAMS and JDAMS...that'll teach the Chinese.

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