Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wild Ramblings on the Republicans

What is Rick Perry's major malfunction? Today he put the Obama's birth certificate back on the table. What is this guy thinking? "Birthers" are to Republicans what "9/11 Truthers" once were to Democrats. Omaba has been selling birth certificate coffee mugs at campaign events for Christ's sake (oh sorry, Presidential speeches promoting the administration's "Jobs Bill" currently being held up by Congressional Republicans so as to realize their dream of subverting the President at the expense of the American people). Anyway, is the guy stupid or just not ready for prime time?

I just heard Jon Huntsman on Fox and I've got some questions. First, do your parents know how to spell or are they just hopelessly trendy. How many votes do you think you'll generate by accusing mainstream Republicans as "anti-science" when global warming research has proven to be riddled with corruption? Also, you say Republicans are anti-evolution when any scientist worth his salt will tell you it is an important, but still unproven theory despite over 150 years of research. Lastly, wouldn't you be happier as a ski instructor?

Romney was in Ohio today and refused to support Gov. John Kasich's (or is it Jon) fight against public employee unions. So what is he up to? No balls or not too quick on the draw or is he the NEA's stealth candidate?

I do draw some encouragement from the tax issue however. Herman Cain's success has provoked a healthy debate and now every candidate is hard at work on tax reform proposals. My view is they can try to re-invent the wheel if they like, but the FairTax is all dressed up with no place to go (not that I would mix a metaphor).
The FairTax as opposed to a flat tax or 9-9-9 has the advantage of being a well thought out, workable approach that has been vetted. And the country is ready to hear about it. Now is the time and I believe whichever candidate embraces this sublime and beautiful scheme will be the winner.

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Sally said...

What in the world IS Perry thinking? I once thought he could be somebody-now he's just embarrassing. He's going to drag down the whole lot with this birther crap.

And I just loved the look on Dr. K's face as he was looking at Huntsman (or is it Huntsmn) as the latter was explaining his total reliance on the findings of 9 out of 10 scientists. I wish he would have pulled out one of his verbal shivs and finished him off right then and there.

Surprised you didn't mention Mark Block and his cigarette in your rundown.

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