Friday, January 11, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Start Weight (1/1/13): 197.8
Last Weigh-in (1/4/13):  191.8
Today's Weigh-in: 189.6

It has been a pretty good week--moderate exercise and a decidedly low carb/sugar eating regimen.  Having sushi with a good friend for lunch today, so no hit there.

What's on your minds, friends?  Staring at that first paycheck of the year and wondering where it went?  Thinking about where to hide your guns when the man comes to take them?  Wondering about when the mainstream media and the liberals will hold their President accountable for his actions?

Share your pain, folks!


Mudge said...

Disappointed but not at all surprised that David Gregory at Meet the [no longer active] Press didn't even have to go to court. Liberals love to propose laws the consequences of which they will never have to feel. Not because they won't violate them, but because their cozy relationships with their cronies who would enforce them give them a free pass that would have made Al Capone jealous.

"The Hammer" said...

Although I would have loved to see Gregory in court "crying like a pussy" I'm not bothered that he isn't. The law is absurd in the extreme and now it's virtually unenforceable. So, Gregory was embarrassed and we brought attention and ridicule on a stupid law AND highlighted liberal hypocrisy; a triple win.

Uncle Willie said...

Sociologist tell us you can tell a great deal about a person by looking into their eyes. Things like truth, sincerity, honor and the like. Then why do local and network TV photographers insist on interviewing persons while the subject is wearing sunglasses? It only takes a few minutes to ask the person to please remove your sunglasses while we film. This is irritation number 472.

Mudge said...

Problem is, Hammer, if you or I walked out to the public square in L'Enfant Plaza, stood on a soap box and held up an empty hi-cap mag saying "these are utterly harmless" instead of proposing that they are the reason there are 20 dead school kids, you and I would be rotting in a holding tank at the DC jail with Lord-knows-what kind of human vermin all around us. Neither Gregory, nor his like-minded liberals vicariously through him, got to see the consequence of the assinine law he was sanctimoniously hawking on his decreasingly relevant show. I couldn't agree more that the law is absurd in the extreme. But until liberals get bitten by its absurdity, they will continue to advocate for more such laws. Instead, as with most of the laws they so willingly insist our society needs, they manage to get an out and you and I are left feeling the consequences.

Reid A. Bhouk said...

Uncle Willie - A guy walks into his doctor's office and says "Doctor, my shoulder hurts every time I move my arm this way," to which the doctor replies, "Stop moving your arm that way."

It would appear that you would feel considerably fewer irritations if you stopped moving your arm to the remote control to hit the Power On button.

Uncle Willie said...

It's obvious you see the world through rose colored glasses too.

"The Hammer" said...

Good point Mudge.

NavyAustin said...

Congrats on the weight loss progress!

Saw Coca-Cola's corporate push on obesity. They have doubled down on "energy balance" and are pushing hard on the idea that all calories are created equal.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not food furnaces. Sugar water - soda, fruit punches, sports drinks, flavored water - is about the worst thing you can consume. Fructose makes you hungrier.

Saw the Fox Five discussing it yesterday and all were decrying Coke having to "waste money" on "corporate social responsibility" ads, and that it was about free choice. I might have believed that once. Now, I understand just how sugared soda - once a simple pleasure - can act on a biological level to undermine the most resolute willpower.

Eliminate sugar, eliminate hunger. Simple as that. Sushi sounds great right about now!

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