Thursday, January 17, 2013

Home Alone

In observance of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, local schools are closed on Monday, including the one the Kittens attend.  Never one to miss out on a good opportunity, their mother only minutes ago left to pick them up from school and whisk them off to warmer climes for a weekend with their Grandmother on Florida's Gulf Coast.  Presumably they will make up tomorrow's lost work some other time, but I digress.

I share this with you as I am left home alone here on the homestead for four continuous days, something that has not happened during the time I have lived here (nearing five years).  The Kitten did go to Machu Picchu a few years ago, but the Kittens were only a few hundred feet away at their other grandmother's house and they came home quite a bit, including for meals.

This time--splendid isolation, well, except for the dog and the two cats.  Don't get me wrong--I will miss the ladies while they are gone, and if past dynamics apply, I'll wind up calling to talk with them rather than vice versa.  That said, there is a part of me that is absolutely giddy at the prospect of solitude.  Here's why.

First, I may be the most introverted extrovert you'll ever meet.  I love being surrounded by people, just as long as I've chosen who they are.  Otherwise, I'd rather be by myself, with internet access, cable TV and a shelf full of unread books.  Ask Tom de Plume, he'll tell you. 

Next, the Kitten and I are on different internal schedules.  I rise early and go to bed early.  She does neither.  Additionally, when I get horizontal, there is not a great window for conversation and whatnot before I fall asleep.  So invariably, I stay up far longer than I want to each night.  Not for the next four nights!  I may even go to bed at 9PM.  Decadent.

Third, I don't get to the movies as often as I'd like.  Up until a few minutes ago, I was going to go and see Lincoln later this evening--but I just saw that yesterday was its last day here.  So I'll go see "Zero Dark Thirty" instead, a movie that wild horses could not drag the Kitten to.

Fourth, the NFL Playoffs.  Sunday afternoon and evening will have one and only one activity, and that is sprawling on the couch watching the NFL.  I usually watch games in the ManCave or on the kitchen TV while I cook.  This time?  In the bedroom!

Fifth, only food that I like will be prepared, and it will be warmly received by everyone to whom it is served. 

Sixth, I find it highly likely that I will stake out one of the Blue-Ray DVD's in the house and play the Lord of the Rings Blue-Ray back to back to back--without interruption.  For about the twentieth time.

Seventh, Sunday church.  I will go if I want to, and I will skip it if I want to.  No one pressures me to go now, mind you, but when they all get dressed up in their Sunday best I feel a little slothful hanging around in my bunny slippers.

Eighth and finally, I don't have to care about who sees me walking around in my boxers.

But I promise you, I will miss them. 


Mudge said...

Green alert. Hammer and I will be there in 5 minutes!

"The Hammer" said...

Way too old for that now but I've seen the day when we would have crashed that joint and ruined several relationships in the process.

Anonymous said...

What is this 'whatnot' you speak of?

Anonymous said...

Home alone. Whatnot. Hmmmmm...

"Alex, I'll take Katie Chamberlain for $1000"

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Well Katie Chamberlain--there's a blast from the past. Or should I say a voice from the grave....or the neurosurgery ward....or the psychiatric ward...

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