Friday, January 18, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Is something bothering you, chum?  Are you afraid the G-men are going to take your guns away?  Or worse yet, some posse of pre-teens from the Obama Youth?

Bad diet week, ate ok, but little exercise.

Start Weight:  197.8 (1/1/13)
Last weigh-in:  189.6 (1/11/13)
Today:  191.2 (1/18/13)

1 comment:

"The Hammer" said...

What is going on with this Manti Te'o dude? He's a star football player at Notre Dame no less, and he's inventing imaginary friends with horrible diseases and then broadcasting this bullshit to the press? What kind of delusional friggin' neurotic shit is this? I'm finding it hard to wrap my head around this. Why? He's not some loser; he has status among his peers and everybody else, he's soon to have money. What could he get that he doesn't already have is my point. This is con-man shit but there's nothing to get, so it must be some psychological, chuckle-headed something or other. It just don't make sense.

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