Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On the Sports Year

Last night was more than simply the BCS Championship game; it represents the end of the college football season and the official beginning of the college hoops season.  I will not--as a rule--watch college basketball until college football has ended.

For a few weeks, we have college hoops and pro football.  Then, we're down to just college hoops.

The pro basketball season will go on for most of the year without generating much interest from me, and I find it regrettable that the NHL settled their strike, as I had come to enjoy not even hearing about a sport I do not follow.

Soon there will be only baseball.  God help us.


"The Hammer" said...

I really hate the fact that Notre Dame had a six week layoff. No doubt Alabama is the better team but the Irish looked very rusty. The game sucked like Linda Lovelace on steroids. Can't wait for the playoff system.
Hey CW, tell everybody about the bet you made. Layed 20 points to his brovers at 3:1. I personally thought it was the dumbest bet I'd heard lately.
Hmmm, you musta made a nice chunk of change? Hows about letting me hold a dollar?

Bill said...

CW, the mere mention of the sports dilemma you speak of put you in a there/their/they're conundrum. I point this out only because in the past you pointed it out to me, and turn about turns out to be BIG fun.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Nicely played, Bill. Change made, thanks for the heads up.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with baseball (beisbol hab been berry berry good to me...)

Doc Milnamo said...

CW - and you called me a snob earlier over audio equipment - wow!

"The Hammer" said...

Audio equipment? Now there's a topic worth exploring. When I was a Signal Corp hired killer (sharpened to a razor's edge) we were big into audio gear (Revox, Thorens, Klipsch, Crown, MacIntosh <-brands I couldn't afford). So Doc are you talking 10 thousand dollar pre-amps and 35 thousand dollar speakers or Best Buy shit?

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