Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reflections on a Dying Country

It looks like Brent Musburger has been caught in the crossfire of pc politics, radical feminists and cowardly network executives. Old Brent made a comment about the Alabama quarterback's girlfriend while the camera was panning over the current Miss Alabama (and Auburn grad) during Monday night's national championship game. The comment was something about how quarterbacks get all the good looking women. ESPN flipped the hell out and issued an immediate apology due I guess to the tweets flying around about how Musburger was an old perv etc. Well, this is disturbing because the guy was making a lighthearted compliment that was in no way lewd or disrespectful. I blame this on radical feminism, which has been occasionally described as a movement by and for ugly women. So I guess his comment made fat, frumpy, pig-frigging ugly heifers feel uncomfortable in their hideousness, as if they were watching anyway. And if some 73 years old sportscaster is stupid enough to say something as outrageous as the quarterback's girlfriend is beautiful, then his ass is going down to the ground. ESPN makes France look good. 

What's up with this? Big Al Gore just sold Current TV to Al Jazeera for, well they're not saying but from what I gather it would be like somebody giving you 50 grand for your wife's 2001 Accord with 200k on the clock. The catch is the wife comes with the deal, and so it goes with Al. I've always viewed this guy as a rich kid with no scruples or values, and I think this pretty much proves it. He's the face of global warming, the enemy of fossil fuels, a Nobel Prize winner and the biggest dick in the environmentalist locker-room: AND HE SOLD OUT TO BIG OIL! The left hasn't felt this betrayed since Molotov and Von Ribbentrop got all chummy back in '39.

Hey Brandi, do you take EBT cards? So anyway the NY Post did an investigation (remember when newspapers used to investigate stuff?) and found that a whole bunch of welfare recipients were withdrawing cash with their EBT card from various strip joints, bars and a place in the Village called the Blue Door Video Shop (I'm trying not to imagine what they sell there). Of course the card is intended for food, rent, milk for the screaming anchor baby; things like that. But apparently Candi Cox and her cohorts are getting their share. I just can't believe they would do something like this, how 'bout you? 


Tom de Plume said...

Bravo Hammer. I was listening to the Musburger tempest in a teapot on the same day it easy announced that Gaysian rapper Psy will be featured in a commercial during the Super Bowl. We criticize men being men in the Musburger instance and celebrate the continuing feminization of American males a la Psy.

On your other two points, Gore continues to be your typical liberal assclown. And it's time to cut food stamp benefits 10% across the board.

"The Hammer" said...

I heard the comments live myself, of course I was well into a six pack of Dogfish, but I didn't see a thing wrong with what he said. Of course I do question his taste a little (she's a bit horsey faced to me) but to each his own.

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