Friday, April 26, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's got you down, friends?  Is your reviled predecessor now as popular as you are?  Is your baby boy admitting to crimes you say he didn't commit?  Did your "let's all put on our NFL jerseys and watch the draft party" turn out to be as stupid and geeked up as it was obvious it would be?  Emote, friends.  Share it.

Care to see where we ate dinner last night?   Check out the menu.  No way I'm weighing in this week.

Encountered this noble beast on the way to dinner in Lawton, OK
Dinner spot, Lawton OK.  Was shocked not to see Mudge there.

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"The Hammer" said...

How come I never heard of the "World Famous Meers Burger"? I guess I've lived a sheltered life. But just for the record I've eaten in worse joints than that, and had some pretty good food actually.

Anyway, I wish to talk about our young terrorist and his Miranda rights. Now I know some here think Miranda is just peachy, it's the American way and by God our justice system would crash and burn without it! I disagree but that's another issue. Maybe one day we'll talk about it a bit more.

Now if I understand the chain of events correctly, the FBI was interviewing Mr. Tsarnaev and the punk was singing like a bird. And all of a sudden, without any warning the assistant US Attorney and some judge come waltzing in and mirandize him. Then, Glory be he clams up tighter than a nun's knickers.

So, we've got a Justice Department official with a judge in tow, walking into the middle of a lawful FBI interrogation to mirandize a terror suspect. Not your typical day at the office for any of these guys.

I don't know, but it sounds like to me somebody wasn't grooving on the song Mr. Tsarnaev was singing.

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