Saturday, April 20, 2013

BREAKING NEWS... Planning for Boston Bomb Began 48 Years Ago!

Ever heard of Hart-Celler? Probably not. How about the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965? OK, got a ping on that one? Of course they're both the same thing. In 1965 in the wake of all the new civil rights legislation, Phil Hart of Michigan along with Congressman Emanuel Celler (representing Brooklyn and Queens) sponsored Lyndon Johnson's new immigration bill. Up until then immigration was limited to persons of any nationality to 3 percent of that nationality present in the United States in 1910, with an annual admission limit of 356,000. It was designed to maintain the ethnic, cultural and religious makeup of the US and to accept only those individuals who could bring something to the table; i.e. the best and the brightest. LBJ signed the unpopular Hart-Celler in the shadow of the Statue of Liberty saying this "...was not a revolutionary bill" and would not change America's cultural identity significantly. Teddy Kennedy, a huge supporter of the legislation who in the name of his brother worked hard for its enactment, said the bill would have no impact on the demographic mix or cultural identity of the United States. They were both lying, and they both knew it.

Forty eight years later there are over 5.1 million foreign born residents in the New York metropolitan area alone. Los Angeles has 4.4 million, Miami nearly 2 million and Houston, Washington and Dallas about a million each. In fact, 51% of the residents of Miami, Florida are foreign born. Archie Bunker's home borough of Queens is nearly 50% foreign born with the largest chunk coming from...The People's Republic of China. Figure that one out!

So now we have de facto open immigration, and have had for years. If you can get here through hook or crook; student visa, tourist visa, stowaway or border jumper, then you're home free because it's nearly impossible to get deported. Plus, we allow the legal immigration of people who are sworn enemies of America and all it stands for. Particular nationalities such as the aforementioned Red Chinese, religions that are antithetical to freedom, ethnic groups such as Palestinians and proponents of political ideologies diametrically opposed to our Constitution. The bombing in Boston is directly on point. Why in the world would we allow immigration from Chechnya knowing these are some of the most radicalized, foaming at the mouth Jihadist killers in the world?

I believe immigration policy is the most important issue before us as a nation. It reverberates through everything we do from economic policy to foreign policy to national and domestic security. We cannot invite our enemies to live among us in the hope that they will come to love us. This family of Chechnyans in Boston were treated pretty well by this country, and if they could they would have blown us all to hell. We should use this tragic act of terror the same way Mr. Obama tried to use the Newtown killings. We should immediately call for a complete overhaul of our immigration system from top to bottom. We need to secure our borders as well as impose a moratorium on ALL immigration until we can digest the immigrants we now have. We do not need people coming here just to feed at the trough, we need people who want to contribute, are respectful of American values and wish to assimilate and BECOME Americans. Allowing in people like the killers in Boston is like a dog inviting fleas, and if there are enough the dog dies.

Neither shall you bring an abomination into your house, lest you be a cursed thing like it: but you shall utterly detest it, and you shall utterly abhor it; for it is a cursed thing. Deuteronomy 7:26


Anonymous said...

Holy Christ, I actually agree with the hammer.

"The Hammer" said...

I do ok every now and again. I'd be even better if I knew basic grammar.

Unknown said...

I think the country that I grew up in is done. I am not sure what will follow but it will not be the America I grew up in. Sad

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