Monday, April 8, 2013

New Arrival

The Kitten grew up right there on the farm where we live now (a different house), and during that time came to see the unit of issue of Labrador Retrievers as 1 (pair).  She really wanted two when we got Baloo, but I was able to convince her that one was enough to get started on.  I think in my mind, I knew we'd eventually get the second one, but I supposed I'd hoped the fuss of the one would convince her (and her progeny) that one was enough.  I was wrong.  Meet  Zuzu. 
Zuzu The Wonder Dog

Zuzu is an eight week old female ("bitch" in the lingo, which I suspect is something dog breeders love to say because it makes them feel like they're getting away with something), who, unlike his adopted brother Baloo, is of purebread stock with the papers and the price tag to prove it.  Baloo's bloodlines appear fairly clean too, but he has no papers and was given to us free by the Kitten's mother. when her dog was impregnated by another black lab.  Interesting to see genetics at work--in that litter there were nine puppies I think, seven blacks and 2 chocolates.  But enough of Punnet Squares.

Zuzu from all appearances is a great dog.  She's a bit on the porky side, which will probably get burned off of her pretty quickly as her new older brother just can't seem to get enough of her.  His energy is endless, and the poor pup is the constant object of his attention.  I can't figure out whether his discomfort when we separate them is born of being away from us, or not being able to play with the puppy.  I suspect it is the latter.

She's not housebroken, but she's not not housebroken either.  She's working out the whole "pee outside" thing, which is enabled by constant supervision and a ton of trips outside.  She slept though the night without peeing in her crate Saturday, which was a surprise to everyone.  I think Baloo just wore her out playing all day.

At some point, one of her habits is going to prove injurious to either her or one of us--as she seems to like to walk between one's feet rather than to the side.  Hopefully we train it out of her before some big Galoot like me steps on her. 

Baloo as you might imagine, loves this little creature in his overthetop manner.  Many of you have met him, and at 21 months of age, he still has a lot of puppy in him.  Loyal, loving, fun, and enthusiastic, Baloo is a handfull.  Eighty-five pounds of perpetual energy, he can pull on a rope like nobody's business for hours at a time, and simply can't understand why this small creature seems to give out so quickly.  The cats--Mowgli and Bagheera--are once again very disturbed with us for bringing another dog into the mix. I think they simply see themselves as too old for this crap. 
Baloo and Zuzu

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