Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Ramblings From The Psychotic Game Room

As you are no doubt aware the pool didn't get off the ground this year. And as is pretty typical in situations like this I did pretty well. Alas CW stunk up the joint, but it's not his fault. He's a UVA guy and can't be expected to know anything about basketball.

Now, down to bidnez. CW posted some nonsense yesterday about abortion and how we conservatives should move to the center and take the issue away from the leftists. Sorry, that's not going to happen. Just as car manufacturers know that whenever "safety" is mentioned consumers immediately think Mercedes or Volvo, whenever abortion is mentioned voters think pro-abortion Democrats, anti-abortion Republicans. It would take a long time to change that perception. Plus the Democrats, if they think they have an advantage, would not give up the issue easily. But regardless, they would come up with some wedge some how or another, so I see no advantage in folding up the tent on abortion. My personal view is there is a lot of room for compromise, but the Democrats have no interest at all in coming to terms on abortion. It's a fundraising goldmine to start with, and it's a guaranteed winner with young single women. Why in hades would they want a compromise?

Lately a lot of conservatives are crowing about how some of the core provisions in Obamacare will have to be postponed until 2015. They have argued that it's a sure sign the law is in trouble and point out that many Democrats are none to happy with stuff like the tax on medical devices etc. Maybe, but I doubt it. I think it has more to do with the '14 mid-terms than anything else. The Democrats must know Obamacare will further weaken "the recovery" and sink whatever hopes they had for retaking Congress, so they're putting it off. By the time Hillary gets around to her campaign she'll be running as a conservative reformer so no big deal for Democrats; it's all good.

Maggie Thatcher died yesterday (RIP) and Greg Gutfeld made the point that leftists, when they age are treated with kid gloves with barely a mention of their sins and/or crimes. He mentioned Angela Davis who famously (at least in my day) smuggled shotguns into a California courthouse, a judge got dead and she walked (she had an O.J. jury). But conservatives are "controversial - polarizing - divisive", and that's if they want to be kind. Krugman has a column today saying Maggie didn't do anything for Britain, it's all propaganda. Then you get the fringe chiming in like Morrissey (in case you don't know a lame Brit pop artist from twenty years ago famous for being famous) calling Maggie "barbaric" and "...a terror without an atom of humanity." Well, I spent some time in England pre-Maggie and let me tell you what, it was a very depressing place. Margaret Thatcher saved Britain from itself, and a middle-aged has-been or some Welsh thug who calls himself a union leader, or halfass educated "students" who don't know their ass from third base can mock and cheer the death of this great woman all they want. They're just willfully ignorant scum.

Well that's about it. Spring is in the air, CW is lounging on Waikiki Beach and I'm stuck in Tickbite trying to make do. And so it goes...

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