Saturday, April 27, 2013

Racism Is As Racism Does

    Not a day goes by when I don't get accused of racism. I rarely defend myself against such a scurrilous charge...well, because it's true. Now I'm not guilty of what I'm accused of, at least in the way the accuser usually means. And more often than not anybody who throws out this charge is just trying to discredit my argument and shut down debate. As I've said before, the ultimate crime in America today is racism. If you are deemed racist you'll be shunned and ostracized and every effort will be made to shut you up and shut you down. This happens in lowly chat-rooms or at the highest levels of discourse, just ask Pat Buchanan.
    But my racism is more subtle. Do I believe some races are inherently more intelligent than others? Well, yes I do. If the research is accurate, and I believe it is, then one could not conclude otherwise. But I also believe there are many factors that lead to success or a fulfilling life or economic prosperity or whatever you want to call it, and the relatively minute differences in across the board intellectual capabilities of particular races as compared to each other is a very minor factor indeed. Things like hard work, drive, initiative and just the will to achieve whatever goal you set for yourself, to overcome the inevitable obstacles (and there will be many), that my friends is infinitely more important than raw intelligence.
    So, do I believe racism exists? Yes I do, but not in the way you probably think. I believe most white Americans are accepting of other races and that most of our differences are cultural. But I do believe many cultures are inferior, at least insofar as they promote the values I believe in. I believe that many "civil rights leaders" have advanced a cast system propagating the belief that their ethnicity precludes them from receiving a fair shake, that society is inherently racist and that members of their race need the protection only offered by the highest varna, which so happens to be them. I believe they are the real racists, the real oppressors and the enemies of America. And I believe the left encourages and uses these people to tear down our system and way of life.

    So let's have a look at some real racism shall we? The photo at left is from an article in the NY Times entitled: U.S. Opens Spigot Afters Farmers Claim Discrimination. The piece goes on relate how the sometimes legitimate claims of discrimination by minority farmers was turned into a corrupt money grab by anybody and everybody (as long as they met the racial criterion) and ended up actually shortchanging those farmers who in fact were discriminated against. It tells how political forces conspired to shakedown the American people over the objections of career USDA officials and attorneys, and how the law was ignored. This is corruption so blatant as to remind one of Mayor Dailey's Chicago.
    And on the other side of the USDA coin, we have a man named Stephen LaRoque. Mr. LaRoque was a NC House Representative who had the impudence to accuse the local NAACP Chairman Reverend William C. Barber of racism. Well, as you might imagine this did not sit well with the liberal establishment. The effusive Rev. Barber is an important cog in the NC progressive machine and this kind of effrontery could not be tolerated. NC Policy Watch, a Soros funded "government watchdog" group outed Rep. LaRoque to the USDA, the FBI, the IRS the NC SBI and presumably the NCAA and ASPCA for "discrepancies" in grants and loans he oversaw. The Chairman of the House Rules Committee was indicted by a federal grand jury for theft and money laundering a short time later and was forced to resign. Although he maintains his innocence, his political career is over.
    Racism, bigotry and discrimination are ugly words, and uglier still in practice. But when they are used as political tools and as means to slander and destroy by some of the most hateful, racist and unjust, then what you are observing is pure evil. So I proudly declare myself a racist, and I'll take my brand of racism over their's any day of the week!

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Mudge said...

The left's racism of low expectations has done more harm to the psyche and economic standing of those they claim to be defending whenever they hurl their 'racist' allegations than all of the people they've thus accused. And because I believe that, ipso facto, I am a racist.

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