Sunday, November 3, 2013

FSU Shows What They Got

What are we gonna do with Florida State? They play good football like all good Redneck schools should, but it's like it's a school for hell-raisers and strippers. I like FSU, I like the atmosphere at the school, I like all the hot women, but I just don't think it's a proper university. We get these reports every now and then about how WVU or Iowa State are these great party schools. Ok...I guess. But I'd rather hang out at Florida State on a Monday night than be in Ames, Iowa or Morgantown, West Virginia for New Years. Hey, just my opinion.

But let's talk some football. The Semi-holes ain't looking bad, in fact they're looking scary good. So far they've destroyed a highly rated Clemson down in Death Valley (sorry for mentioning Clemson CW) and whipped #7 Miami yesterday like a dog. So I think I can officially say FSU is officially back! But it really don't mean nothing. Alabama and Oregon (both with bye weeks) are in the catbird seat and unless BOTH stumble FSU, Baylor and Ohio State won't get the chance. Next year we get playoffs thankfully.

Speaking of Ohio State, they gave Purdue a hiding reminiscent of Woody Hayes '68 team with that crazy good backfield of Rex Kern, John Brockington and Jim Otis (those boys would steal your lunch money!). Of course Purdue couldn't beat Furman but a win is a win. Michigan got thumped by the Spartans (that had to sting) so they're still in the suck column. Tennessee got destroyed by the Missouri Tigers which a lot of people said had blown their wad. I think we can safely say Missouri is a damn good team and the Vols remain in football purgatory.

And what's up with Va. Tech? They started the season with a somewhat respectable lose to Alabama and then reeled off six straight wins. Then, out of the blue (no pun intended) they lose at home to Duke and BC on the road, two teams they should own! Now they've got Miami and Maryland next with UVA in Charlottesville to finish up. You don't think CW could possibly think UVA might possibly have a chance do you? The football Gods can be cruel and to give hope to the hopeless, well all I can say is FORGET IT CW.

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The Conservative Wahoo said...

This is a really disappointing UVA team. I hold out little or no hope for the next three games (UNC away, Miami away, VPI home).

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