Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Hammer Wire

Holy deuce Batman, just what the hell is happening here? The Naval Intelligence Director and a bunch of other brassified individuals busted for selling secrets to foreign defense contractors? Man when I think Admiral I think Bull Halsey; competent, tough as nails, focused on the mission and in no mood for playing be it politics or anything else. But above all LOYAL! Now look at what we got! And I don't want to just pick on the Navy, the other services have seen their share of scandal but this just blows my mind. The state of security across the board in America's intelligence apparatus is appalling! Why back in my day...

So how many people have signed up for Obamacare I wonder? A couple of hundred maybe? News accounts say 4 in Delaware at a cost of 4 million. Here in the Old North State we've had one, and that individual has already been the victim of identity theft (hilarious!).  Here's a great article  about some maroon who got "the letter" and is crying a river!

“I was really shocked … all of my hopes were sort of dashed,” Wagner said. “’Oh my gosh President Obama, this is not what we hoped for, it’s not what we were told."
Oh really Mssss. Wagner? You were lied to, by President Obama? I can't believe my ears...zzzzzzz. Good Grief! What are these people smoking? But, it's all good. The more these brain dead Obamatons get burned (or is it only Obama who got burned?) the better it is for those of us who opposed this thing from the start. And have you noticed all the bills being presented trying to fix this or that? This is the consequence of not passing the bill through the regular order of debates, amendments etc. Passing any bill, especially one of this magnitude without a full vetting (this one without even reading the damned thing) is fascist insanity. It reminds one of the Supreme Soviet or the Reichstag, not the United States Congress.

Here's a little something about a Tea Party organization that's actually a front for some lawyer/scammer (a million three in contributions to the organization, a million one in overhead, that kind of thing). The Charlotte Observer (just as bad as the N&O, in fact the same thing really) bit hook line and sinker on one of their sham attacks. If there's a lower form of life on this planet than a lawyer I have yet to see it. I'd rather my daughter (if I had one) marry a carny than an attorney.

On a personal note I think real estate agents are nearly as bad a attorneys (forgive me sis). I've been going around with one who owes me $160 for services rendered. The guy has jerked me around since the middle of June and when I finally had had enough and starting getting a with him (I told him he was so full of -hit he should be an Obamacare facilitator) he started calling me...hang on a second, see if you can guess... that's right, a racist, homophobic, AK-47 loving (he actually got that right!) potential serial killer racist! In short an angry white man beating my kids and abusing my wife. Listen I'M NOT KIDDING. He further went on to say if I were a "smart" businessman I would forgive him his bill just to have a relationship with such a "well connected" titan of industry such as himself. I almost fell out of my chair! I replied that he was obviously a homophilic Democrat as he was free and easy with other people's money and full of self importance (actually I was a bit more crude than that but you get it). The bottom line is I don't think I'll ever be paid and Keller Williams Realty can kiss the Hammer's ass for all time. And so it goes. We all got our problems.

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