Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The President Lied

Lets face it, friends.  There is a lot of fudging, shading of the truth, wiggling, and contextualizing that goes on in American politics.  Flat out, known in advance, unjustifiable and completely in the open lies?  Well, they are much, much rarer.  Yet we are being treated to the unraveling of just such a lie on a daily basis as the train wreck of Obamacare begins to become a reality.

I respect the President and the Presidency, and I understand that the title of this post is immoderate.  I use those words not only because it is the truth, but because it is appropriate.  

The fiasco of the website is just the tip of the iceberg.  There really isn't a lie there, just the hubris of centralized planning meeting the reality of government contracting and the influence of political timing.

No, the lie isn't about ADP problems.  It is about the consistently repeated fiction that Mr. Obama and his acolytes put forward in order to garner support for their signature legislative priority.  Here is a flavor of that lie:


There is no shading this one--in the history of modern American politics, it would be difficult to conjure up a larger, more consequential lie than this one.  In order to achieve two policy goals--one, expanding healthcare coverage to more Americans and two, ensuring coverage for those with pre-existing conditions--the Administration simply lied to the American public.  It lied by stating that we would be able to keep our doctors and plans, and it lied when it stated that the average family would see their premiums reduced by $2500. 

But you know what?  We wanted to be lied to. That's right--at least some of us.  We were so caught up in the unicorns and fairies approach to healthcare that we voted for him, supported his approach, gave him a Congress of his choosing and allowed them to produce a one-party approach to giant change.  That so many are now suffering buyer's remorse raises an almost indescribable schadenfreude.  But friends, the lie is just beginning.

Because all we're seeing now is the influence of Obamacare on the 15 million Americans who buy their own healthcare--50-70% of whom will lose the plan they had because it was either not compliant with the minimums of Obamacare or because the insurance companies made market based policy changes after the grandfathering date of the legislation.  We haven't begun to see the impact of Obamacare on employer subsidized coverage--which won't begin to really manifest itself until the months leading up to the 2014 mid-terms.

You see, many, many companies offer healthcare plans that vary in the generosity of coverage.  Some are very limited, but are popular with those who take greater risk,  and some are popular with young, healthy people who are acting responsibly.  Many of these policies ALSO will not stand up to Obamacare minimums...and so not only will THOSE policies have to be cancelled, premiums will rise for even the minimum coverage plans made available because these plans will provide coverage (forced by Obamacare) that the recipient previously did not desire.

This train wreck has not even started to happen. 


Mudge said...

I repect the Presidency, but I cannot fathom what this man has done to earn your respect of the President.

Much as Islam, normally intoleramt of liars, allows its adherents to lie to infidels, Barak Obama and his adherents see lying as a means that is justified by the end. That end? A more socially just society. Problem is, the most socially just society on the planet is one his preacher condemned every Sunday service and one about which his wife, until 6 years ago, was never proud. Why is this so difficult for people to see? The man, for whom I can muster no shred of respect, has no respect for anyone but his all powerful self. Not even those for whom he purports to be fighting for justice. And certainly nothing but disdain for liberty-loving Americans who disagree with his proven recipe for societal misery and bleakness.

He is a national hazard.

LL said...

The only way that ObamaCare will survive will be to dump the healthy military people into the exchanges (forcing them to pay the higher premiums and vast deductibles). Many young and healthy Americans will simply pay the fine for not buying into ObamaCare. Military people don't have the same latitude because they serve at the whim of the Federal Government.

Tricare is a good system and offers good benefits. It needs to be looted.

I'm sure that another whopping lie will accompany that action.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

I extend to him the respect due any man who goes to work each day and tries his best. That's all. I oppose virtually everything he does and says, but he retains the respect due him as a man, an American, and a human.

Anonymous said...

Well said Mudge.

But let me get this straight. Bill Clinton was impeached because he received Oral Sex in the White House from an Intern.

Yet, Barack Obama has repeatedly and pointedly lied and deceived the American public, bilking hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars from the taxpayers of America, and causing an implosion of the existing health care system. And HE gets a free ride? If this isn't Impeachable, what is?

Please don't hand me the bogus crap about being a racist. White (and many Black) Americans are beyond that. It may sell newspapers, but its just another lie in a long series of lies. The man in the Oval office is dangerously incompetent, at best.

Maybe we should hire an Intern to distract him...

Mudge said...

At what point do the purposefully deceitful deeds of the man, the American, the human trump his mere being each of the three (the penultimate of which I am convinced he is by demographics alone)?

Any man, American, human warrants my respect--until he proves that he doesn't.

This President has made it his daily mission to provide that proof.

JB said...

@ Anonymous -
Bill Clinton was NOT impeached because he had sex w/ an intern in the Oval Office - that's the Left's talking point. Bill Clinton WAS impeached because he lied under oath in front of a grand jury.

As for impeaching Obama, it would be pointless because it would serve only to do two things (1) it would make him a martyr/cause a backlash against the Right, and; (2) if successful, it would put The Dumbest Man on the Planet in the Oval Office.

Best course of action is to use the Left's obvious overreach on Obamacare against them in 2014 and guarantee a Republican House & Senate to guard against further shenanigans. Just my humble opinion.

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