Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Hammer's "The Week in College Football"

This was sort of a bye week for a lot of the teams what with rivalry week coming up. Clemson played the Citadel and the Cocks played Central Carolina, both winning handily. 'Bama tuned up against UT Chattanooga (definitely a word Yankees can't spell) 49-zip.

But there were a couple of good games on the schedule, one being  the undefeated Baylor Bears on the road against Oklahoma State (the best team in Oklahoma). Baylor started off moving the ball real well (that spread offense of their's is awesome!) and should have scored but Bear QB Bryce Petty tripped up at the one. Then the rains came. Baylor proceeded to fumble and Ok. St. drove 99 yards for the touchdown and never looked back. That's the thing about these high powered offenses. Baylor when they're feeling it can score 50, 60, 70 points at the drop of a hat but often times when a team like this gets into a wrestling match they loose focus cause it ain't fun no more. Baylor limped along and scored 17 points but the Cowboys hung 49 on 'em...and the game wasn't that close. But I have to tell you, I'm not at all surprised. I've seen this kind of thing a million times. So, according to the "better to lose early than late" rule Baylor drops from the ranks of the undefeated and they're yesterday's news. Look for them to lose to Texas in a couple of weeks.

Oklahoma whipped an overrated Kansas State squad (did Katherine Sebelius go to K-State I wonder?). Duke beat Wake to go 9-2. Out west Oregon lost again this time to the Arizona Wildcats 42-16 (OUCH!) and UCLA's effort at making themselves relevant again took a hit with a 38-33 lose to Arizona State. Missouri is looking mighty good at 9-1 with their only loss being South Carolina in Columbia (which Columbia I'm not saying).

But the big news this week is Florida State's Jameis Winston may be indicted for rape. The crime was reported last December and as you might imagine was not aggressively pursued by Tallahassee police (total shocker). There are some holes in the case (no pun intended) as the alleged victim described her assailant as being five feet nine inches tall and Winston is six four. Now I personally have misrepresented myself to females in terms of being off an inch or two (three at the most!) but I've never had a female who didn't spot the discrepancy immediately. And we've got a seven inch swing here (a helluva lot bigger than I would ever try to get away with), so maybe something ain't quite kosher. But there's DNA evidence in the girl's knickers so strictly from a football perspective it looks like trouble for the Seminoles. Jimbo Fisher must be beside himself! And one more thing, why... WHY would an athlete at Florida State University NEED to rape anybody. Nothing against FSU women but this ain't Bob Jones University we're talking about. If a football player at Florida State can get some lovin' from the oven without raping the poor girl then that guy has problems that can't be fixed by the hand of man. If this idiot did this crime as far as I'm concerned it's HELLO FLORIDA STATE PRISON (at Raiford).

Oh, again I feel compelled to mention that NCSU lost AGAIN to East Carolina 42-28. The Pack hasn't won a game since September and our three wins this year came against a 4-7 La. Tech,  a 5-6 Central Michigan and the 6-6 Richmond Spiders 23-21 (after a late rally). We are without doubt the worst team in the ACC and perhaps the country. These guys suck worst than Jenna Jameson on speed. You should have heard the po-mouthing and rationalizations on the Wolfpack Sports Network (consisting of 8 guys over at WRAL) after yesterdays loss ( God love these guys because these days they're earning every penny!

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