Friday, December 13, 2013

Big Fat Friday Free For All

What's got you down, Chum?  Your chances at closing down the government slipping away?  Too many selfies with the hottie from the North? 

Share your pain.  We're here for you. 

Today's Weigh In:  175.8
Last Friday's Weigh in: 177.2
Diet Start (8/11):  198


NavyAustin said...

Look at the incredible shrinking CW! Svelte as a kitten!

Or at the very least, not thickset.

Whatever you are doing appears to be working - it is a great feeling to see the results! Congrats!

Tubby said...

First the selfie and Moochelle's obvious indignation. Next, the story of the other phony at the Mandela soirée, the one who pretended to sign. Finally, Bishop Tutu gets robbed while attending the celebration. I know it cost $5 million for Dear Leader to give a speech about himself, but it was worth every penny to see African leadership at work.

Mudge said...

You are starting to sound like a DNC spokesperson. Their mantra, that the "Tea Party Radicals" (all caps as the DNC has copyrighted the term), hate all government and want to shut it down, seems to have now found a home on an albeit "center right" blog. Conservatives and the Tea Party, not necessarily one in the same, believe in a government that is of the people and for the people, that derives its limited powers from the consent of the governed and that the consent of the governed is determined by elected representatives who are constrained by the limits of the Constitution. And no matter what their differences, on social issues, they agree whole-heartedly that the government must live within its financial means with a respect for the citizens who, from their toils, render those means. And even if there is zero respect for those toils, we'd each of us, simply like to see the spending constrained to our means to preclude the collapse of a two century success story for mankind allowing itself to be governed according to a set of principles that begin with equal inalienable rights endowed by a Creator as opposed to the offal after the elite have engorged themselves on the prime cuts of the liberty carcass. Yes, I realize those are radical concepts...for the DNC and King George alike, but they work well when we follow them.

Look, I would expect to be made into a DNC straw man for my "out there" views and principles were this blog named "The WaPo Wahoo" or even the "Establishment GOP Wahoo" but the "Conservative" piece is throwing me a bit here.

Just as it takes two to compromise, it takes two NOT to compromise and it therefore takes two to shut down the government. With virtually all of the predictions from the radical right about the ACA coming true and creating real personal turmoil by the hands of the government elite on American citizens of ALL walks of life, why are those who went to the mat to stop it still villified by the GOP establishment--the most vocal of which would never have been Speaker of the House had we radicals not mobilized in 2010 for yhe primary purposes of getting control of runaway debt and killing the ACA. Why are we not asking ourselves and our elected officials what crisis has befallen our nation that they find it necessary to pass legislation that increases our debt when there is no greater threat to our nation than that debt?

Actually, I wrote too hastily. The greater threat is the growing number of people who are either ignorant of or, because it conflicts with their "Progressive" agenda, dismissive of the operator's manual for liberty.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Mudge, I may not be able to bag a deer, but I know how to bag a Mudge. I wrote what I did knowing that your morning coffee would shoot out of your nose in disgust at the wayward digression of your once steadfast compatriot.

Fear not, friend. I am at least as invested in the Constitutional and ideological goals as you are, and I will proudly continue to promote my views under the heading of Conservative.

Where you and I diverge is at the level of TACTICS, on how to achieve our strategic aims. Our brand of conservatism is simply not popular enough to gain electoral majorities on its own. It must be alloyed with the support of others, many of whom cannot go as far as you and I would like. Some say "cut them loose, adhere to our principles and the world will come around to us". I say, "do small things relentlessly, always moving forward, even if it means compromising in the near term for far term goals."

I will chalk up your dyspeptic rant to a dicey bit of venison gristle and urge you to fly your freak flag more often as a contributor, rather than commenter.

"The Hammer" said...

CW I hope your "tactics" work because your ideology is a mess. I got a few rules in life and one of them is if someone like Patty Murray is for it, then I'm against it. You don't seem to grasp the concept that the Democrats are banking on guys like you making just what you described, a POLITICAL calculation. They manipulated George I into raising taxes with the same bullshit. And then they proceeded to hang him out to dry. They chumped Reagan into raising taxes(fees) promising spending cuts tomorrow. They never came through. You country club types are Charlie Brown with the football, you never learn.
Listen, I don't mind going down so much as going along with these people. Because in the end, just like Obamacare it's either gonna work or it ain't. And when the fit hits the sham I don't want nobody saying I had any-Goddamned-thing to do with this ridiculous "compromise".

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Thank you, Navy Austin. Got a few more to go.

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