Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Budget Deal

By a vote of 332-94, the House has passed the Ryan/Murray Budget Deal.  Of the Republican Caucus, 169 voted for, and 63 voted against. 

The best rundown on why this was worth doing is by Peggy Noonan

Why am I in favor of this?  Because I want NOTHING to get in the way of the continuing failure of Obamacare.  No "shut down the government" crap.  No "extend unemployment insurance at Christmastime" fight.  Nope.  Nothing gets in the way of the continued implosion of a bad system.

My Twitter feed is aflame with rantings of some Conservatives who yet again wish to take to the barricades and try and bring down the government.  They are of course hurling around the phrase "RINO" without any sense of irony in the fact that their members were outvoted in their own caucus by 73% to 27%. 

We are winning, friends.  The country does not want another self-inflicted wound, with Republicans firing the shot.


"The Hammer" said...

This rotten deal might be good politics but it's lousy public policy. If our guys were generals they'd be Braxton Bragg.

Mudge said...

I have asked my elected officials (all of whom voted FOR it), what is the national emergency that warrants increasing the exorbitant national debt rather than taking actions to decrease it? I am all for going into debt if that is the only way to respond to a national emergency--I'm even, yes, me, a raving radical conservative, even willing to pay additional taxes in such an emergency and I think President GW Bush made a mistake in not asking us to pay more for the post-9/11 response. But absent such an emergency, why in God's name are we not doing everything in our power to remove the sword of Damocles hanging over our heads? One reason, and Hammer nailed it--Good Politics. Good Politics will destroy the United States of America--maybe already has.

Mudge said...

BTW, Hammer, love the photo of Miffedchelle and Barroom Barry. Frankly, like Bill Clinton, can you really blame him?

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