Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Muse's Mudgings

My employer announced yesterday that our company health insurance costs skyrocketed this year and notified us that the company would no longer be able to cover 100% of the costs for employees.  This after a 15% increase last year which the company covered and which this year's increase "dwarfed".  I plan to explain to my employees that this is a direct result of the Affordable Care Act and recommend that they keep that in mind on November 4th.

While the media is obsessed with a seasonal phenomenon called "snow," what has gone by without much comment is the fact that the (horrors!!!) federal government was shut down today.  One would think that with all the breathless coverage of arctic extreme weather gear-suited reporters showing--no kidding--an actual icicle and yardsticks pushed deep into the entire 4 inches of white ground covering--that some of the more intrepid among them might have retraced their steps from last fall to the WWII memorial to show the barricaded access and federally-employed guards keeping citizens from seeing their monuments.  Oh wait, you apparently don't have to barricade everything if it is an act of God--only if it is an act of someone who THINKS he's God.


Someone to whom I am quite close who has had insurance to cover her 15+ neck and back surgeries and chronic pain for the past 20 years, lost her insurance just before Christmas.  Like millions of other Americans, what she had and liked, she could not keep. period. However, she is now able to get Medicaid so that shows how good the ACA is, right?  Well, consider that for 20 years she and her family were able to keep her off the financial liabilities list for her fellow citizens, and were quite happy to do so.  Then the Democrats fixed all that.  Not to mention that they pretty well f-ed up her Christmas worrying about what the hell she would do for her next painful episode that required a doctor's visit. Still, this will no doubt count as one of the success stories for the Dems.  "We made another one of those formerly self-sufficient citizens dependent upon us. Ding ding ding [applause and congratulatory back slapping]!"  

Speaking of ACA and millions of Americans without health insurance--I recall the number espoused by the Dems and media, tsk, by the Demedia as being somewhere around 47 million.  The latest tally of people signed up for the health care exchanges was just above 2 million.  By several accounts that I've read, more than 2 million have lost their health insurance that they liked but couldn't keep period so I wonder if the ACA hasn't in fact caused more people to be without health insurance than it has helped.  This, of course, is the perfect glide slope if your real intent is to establish the need for a total government take over of health care such as a little known politician several years ago suggested:

What the heck, I'm feeling a little nostalgic today so I might as well throw in a nostalgic little piece showing a less experienced pathological liar as he tried early in his ascension to formulate a lie about single payer on national television. We forget, looking at his mastery of the skill today, that he once struggled to tell lies, perhaps due to the dwindling remnants of a conscience or perhaps due to not yet having discovered portable teleprompters and lapdog Demedia reporters.  This little piece from a reliable lap dog, Meredith Viera, was admittedly difficult for Mere because she had to beat up a little on a fellow Dem (B. Obama) to protect another Dem (H. Clinton).  Here it is (but please watch the above clip first to give the "missing context" our young and still developing Liar in Chief referenced): 

Well, looks like the government will be opening tomorrow 2 hours late.  Finally, the citizens of the United States of America will be able to resume their lives.  What kind of God would put snow in the way of our government taking care of us, anyway?  That's right--a GOOD God.  Hey, You wouldn't be interested in a repeat of that 40 days/nights gig again would You?


Tom de plume said...

I am stealing your comment about the closing of the national monuments.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

How wonderful to have you Mudge again.

Anonymous said...

Remarkable Achievement by Obama:
How does he get by with so little sleep?

Lying awake at night with the First Walrus slumbering daintily beside him, trying to think of topping his previous idiocy must be incredibly draining.

Yet he persevered. Pushing aside war, poverty, Benghazi, the IRS, and all of the nattering whining about his character and competency he comes up with the idea of all ideas---He will speak about and endorse SMOKING DOPE!

TheDope gives us the dope on dope.

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