Thursday, March 6, 2014

12 years a Slave, 5 Years of Obama and the Crimea is Back in Town

Have you seen 12 Years a Slave? I was really impressed with this movie, their teeth were beautiful! I've got pretty good teeth (only ever had one cavity) but they're kinda yellow now (too many H. Upmanns) but even still, they were NEVER this nice. Maybe this slavery/Obamacare stuff ain't half bad, they obviously had a good dental plan. 

Does this look like the kinda guy who can be bluffed or bullshitted? No, not to me either. I guess maybe the old Soviet system was better than ours, at least in the way they produced their leaders. If a guy could claw his way to the top of the Russian hierarchy then you could figure two things: 1) He's a tough son of a bitch and 2) He ain't no dummy. God bless Obama but there isn't any affirmative action when it comes to geopolitics. It's a shark tank and if you show weakness somebody is gonna take a bite out of your ass. My guess is Obama and Kerry are too stupid to know they've been bitten, but we'll see. All this talk of economic sanctions etc. is just that, talk. The Europeans won't go along because they can't afford to upset the Ruskies least their energy spigot be turned off (when your grandma get old you can't let her get cold... PROPANE). This one is in the books, Russians win. 

Did you see Elijah Cummings yesterday? Issa brought IRS hit-bitch Lois Lerner back before the House Committee on Out of Control Government Bureaucrats in the Back Pocket of Obama, and SURPRISE SURPRISE, she took the fifth once again. So Issa adjourns and Rep. Cummings (who reminds us he is a sitting member of Congress and represents 700k constituents) grabs the mic and start ranting. It reminded me of the Robert Duvall scene in Godfather II "SENATOR, THIS COMMITTEE OWNS AN APOLOGY"!!
Nice move it was because now the headline is "Black Congressman Silenced by Whitey" as opposed to "Lying Authoritarian Hag Takes Fifth". Of course it's easy to pull off stuff like this when you own the media. If a Republican had tried this with a black chairman...well, you know.

Have you been following the Duke porn star mini-scandal? Well let me fill you in (poor choice of words). There's a Duke freshman who moonlights as a porn actress to earn the 60k yearly tuition. It's Duke's fault (according to Belle Knox, her stage name) because she hasn't been given the financial aid one might expect and is entitled to, so what's a girl to do? Nevermind that she was offered a free ride (poor choice of words) at Vanderbilt, the limelight calls. Of course she's going on with the usual rationalizations about empowerment and how we shouldn't be ashamed of our bodies when we all know she's just got a bad case of Fonda (Fonda-Penis I think is the medical term). Anyway Duke is not favorably impressed so look for her to matriculate that ass of her's to UC Davis or somewhere. Plus it doesn't help that she looks like she could be Coach K's daughter!


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