Monday, March 24, 2014

Obama Hunts Osama bin Kony

Our most pressing foreign policy issue--Kony
News this morning of a redoubled effort on the part of the Obama Administration to bring Ugandan Warlord "Kony" to justice.  Let's face it, Kony is nasty stuff, and he would look great facing the music in an international tribunal, or on a cold slab somewhere.  But this is not a compelling U.S. interest.  It is a sideshow, driven by activists with megaphones, T-shirts and social media sites.  The President is looking to bottle lightning again, with a sexy special forces raid, book deals and Academy Award winning film to follow.

Seeking a small-ball victory, the Administration appears to be loosing our special forces to take out America's #1 Strategic Issue, a Central African Warlord operating in the former colonies of our European friends.  

This is what passes for foreign policy in this moribund Administration.  Time and again, we find ourselves powerless to impact important events because we have chosen to be powerless.  Our esteem is slipping worldwide, we are not respected because we are not feared, and this appears to be just fine with the President.  His job is to remake the relationship between the governed and the government, not to extend and sustain America's pre-eminence in the world.  Oh--did you not know that?  Perhaps you should have thought about it before you voted for him. Twice.

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Mudge said...

Hey, in fairness, His Royal Ineptness DID tackle 'our' most pressing foreign policy issue with Putin just prior to Putin sitting down to reassemble his puzzle of the USSR. I mean, he put together one heck of a set of envoys in Billy Jean King, Johnny Weird, Richard Simmons and Liberace. Hey, at least there was one set of cajones among them (Ms. King's). Make one wonder how Putin could have missed the message that the United States of America means business when it comes to pressing foreign policy issues.

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