Sunday, March 16, 2014

Random Hate Speech from Redneckistan

Lord what is Renee Ellmers up to? Have a look for yourself, Laura Ingraham absolutely destroyed her with the "non-establishment", conservative,  (RR) Real Republican argument. As you probably know last election I voted for Ellmers and even gave her a little lunch money from time to time. What I didn't vote for (I thought) was a Boehner-bot or a tool for local farm interests (her predecessor's primary function). Sadly she's been a big disappointment. She's intelligent, personable, telegenic and could have been a rising star, but at this stage I'd say she has only one more election to change her sinful ways. Oh she'll get re-elected in '14 easy enough, it's '16 she has to worry about. The rule is simple, dance with the one that brung ya. Betrayal is a bad campaign theme.

Did you see that Tony Benn went toes up? Never heard of the guy(?) well Google him. Anyway I liked Tony Benn, not his Marxism of course but his honesty. Benn was a true blue leftist, and certainly NOT a liberal. He made no attempt to hide his beliefs and he fought like a cornered rat to advance them. Benn and British nationalist Enoch Powell had some famous and very entertaining dustups you might want to research. He was a big noise from the hard left in the Labour Party for a while during Thatcher's run (with very little success) but didn't have a home when the more pragmatic Tony Blair and his bunch took over. Benn was the kind of guy that might show up on a Sunday at Marble Arch and debate the issues with anyone who dared, and if you wanted to act the bollox and play rough he wasn't opposed to kicking a little arse. See if this quote reminds you of anyone: "The crisis that we inherit when we come to power will be the occasion for fundamental change and not the excuse for postponing it" Labour Party Conference 1973.

...and in sports the University of Virginia squares off against the Duke Blue Devils in the ACC Tournament Finals today. CW has been very quiet of late especially considering the outstanding season the Wahoos have had (#5 national ranking), trying not to queer his luck I'd guess. It should be an interesting contest and as I don't have a dog in this fight I will be hoping they both lose. Duke is Duke, and although I appreciate and admire Coach K's abilities and success, I am certainly NOT a fan of the school, their politics or the snotty little Yankee bastards who attend. Plus their porn stars are terrible (knockers WAY too small!). Carolina has it all over Duke in this regard, heck their's was a Morehead Scholar. Take that Duke!

That's it, c-ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

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