Sunday, March 30, 2014

Indiscriminate Ramblings From Tobacco Road

Well, the Virginia Cavaliers are mortal after all. Poor CW, the man couldn't be more bummed if Jos. A. Bank announced no more "This Week Only" sales. Cheer up CW, there's always next year.
Now, let's talk about what happened. Tom Izzo is what happened. I think Virginia was actually the better team (marginally...ever so slightly) and I also think Tony Bennett is a fantastic coach (even though he looks like the big brother in a 50's sitcom). But Izzo has been there before, he knows the pressures and what it takes to win these kinds of games. His coaching was worth at least 5 points.
I really like this Virginia team and Joe Harris brings to mind Lee Raker, Jeff Lamp, Rick Carlyle, Jim Miller; all those great UVA B-ballers from the past. I hope Bennett can keep this team together because they got a lot more in 'em.

Hey, did you see Mitch McConnell's Duke ad? Anyway it's a pretty good spot but towards the end it shows a bunch of guys celebrating on the basketball court who presumably are Kentucky players, turns out it's (OMG!!!) Duke. WELL, if you've ever been to Kentucky (I have), and ever talked basketball with Kentucky folks (I have) then you know there are not many Duke fans hanging around. In fact, even after all these years just the mention of Christian Laettner's name will typically provoke an emotional response that when coupled with the consumption of adult beverages (a very popular Kentucky avocation) could easily turn into a major civil disturbance. Add that to the fact that Senator McConnell is a Louisville graduate and we've got a situation. What an idiot! Doesn't anybody in his organization vet these ads?

On a personal note I'm having trouble paying my light bill, are there any Democrats out there who would like to contribute? Here's the deal, a couple of years ago Duke Energy thought it would be a great idea to take over Progress Energy (the two power companies serving North Carolina). Progress Energy had a good reputation and did a pretty good job I thought, and Duke's reputation was a little shady to say the least. But Duke's Chairman was a guy named Jim Rogers, and he was a BIG Obama supporter, in fact so big he bankrolled the Dem convention is Charlotte: As co-chair the Charlotte Host Committee, Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers was in some ways a face of the Democratic National Convention. He also arranged Duke's $10 million line of credit and gave $10,000 to Barack Obama's campaign.

Of course when Duke was trying to merge they still had to get the OK from the State, and even though at the time we had a Democrat Governor and legislature, they were still a little hesitant due to Rogers' political activities (an Obama butt-boy through and through). Not to worry said Rogers, as soon as the merger is completed I'll step down, retire. Well after the papers were signed whatta ya know, Rogers has a change of heart and decided to stay on, and considering he was tapped in to national politics nobody said a word.
Well fast forward and things ain't looking that great. The company is poorly managed and there's been environmental problems etc., and it looks like Duke got screwed by the DNC for the convention (huge surprise to some but I think the plan all along). So I guess now Duke's customers will just have to foot the bill, AND LIKE IT!
What does this mean you ask? For me it means a near doubling of my electric bill. So again I appeal to our Democratic friends for a small contribution, after all, I contributed money to you.

To carry on with our Duke theme today did you see that Mike Nifong is back in the news? He's featured in a book by some Duke asswipe and judging from what I've read it's full of lies and you might expect. Christal Mangum "suffered a trauma" that night: Lord give me a break!. Yeah, sure she did. They pulled enough DNA out of her pink parts to repopulate Biafra but not one squirming spermozoa wore a Duke jersey. But you gotta hand it to the liberal establishment, they don't take no crap from nobody. We, the consumers of news as well as the defendants themselves have yet to receive an apology from the New & Observer, WRAL, the NY Times or the faculty and President of Duke University all of whom threw these kids under the bus with the relish only a good liberal could muster. They loved every damn minute of it, just a shame it turned out to be absolute BULLSHIT!

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