Wednesday, March 5, 2014

CPAC 2014

Well friends, I'm taking the plunge tomorrow and wading into the star-studded political hoe-down that is the "Conservative Political Action Conference".  It goes tomorrow through Saturday evening, though I'll be departing on Saturday noonish.

I am going for lots of reasons, but being a more loyal conservative than Hammer is chief among them.

That said, I want to get immersed in conservative and Republican politics for a couple of days, do a little business here and there, and give the Presidential contenders (most of whom are speaking) the once over.  There are a lot of interesting seminars to attend, so I'll swing by some of them.

I'll be sure to pop a blog post up now and again, so stay tuned to this channel!


"The Hammer" said...

I'm sorry? "...more loyal conservative than Hammer...".
Are you nuts? If I had a rubber hose I'd beat you!

Mudge said...

Go see Mark Levin today, he'll be far more informative than the folks running for office, most of whom will be trying to sound just conservative enough while leaving themselves enough turning radius to become the moderate candidate at the Iowa Caucus, etc.

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