Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Hammer's College Gridiron Review, Week 11

What a difference a play makes! Auburn was in the catbird seat ready to claim their spot in the final four. True they stumbled against Miss State on the road but apart from that had beat some quality opponents (Ole Miss, K-State and LSU). Just get by Texas A&M at home, a depleted Georgia on the road and then THE DECIDER, Ala-Goddamn-Bama in Tuscaloosa and you're good to go. If Miss State cooperates and loses a game (which is likely) then Auburn could be in the SEC Championship game against a very beatable Missouri...then it's off to the races!
Unfortunately somebody forgot to tell Texas A&M (who finally found a quarterback). A fuzzy-faced Kyle Allen gashed them for 277 yards and 4 touchdowns, but they still had ample opportunity to win had they not caught a monster dose of the the red zone...repeatedly! Oh well, it happens, but if it's any consolation A&M is a damn fine football team.

LSU knows just how Auburn feels. They had Alabama right where they wanted them; in Tigerland, playing like shit and behind. But the Tide knows how to win, and LSU gaged. Off to OT, 'Bama scores, LSU which had been running the ball pretty well all day loses their nerve and starts passing like crazy. Alabama's secondary steps up and game over.
By the way do you know the toughest position to recruit in college football? It's defensive back. You can have a great athlete, speed, quickness the whole package and the guy be a complete zero! You can't judge them in high-school really because they don't play a lot of single coverage at that level and it's hard to gauge that sixth sense a good defensive back has to have. You want a guy who can cover lightening quick receivers, anticipate the guy's movements, read the receiver's body language when his head is turned, and close on the ball without drawing a penalty. Plus you want somebody who can take on a fullback running at top speed one-on-one in the open field, and bring him down. Not an easy position to fill. If it was you wouldn't see quality teams getting drilled for 400+ yards in the air week after week. Ok, class over, let's move on.

TCU with that monster offense of their's overwhelmed K-State (see above paragraph) so their ticket is punched. Notre Dame...what can you say? Those poor papist bastards went down to Phoenix and the got sand kicked in their face. Arizona State went CRAZY on 'em! I watched about 20 minutes of the game and I was embarrassed for the Irish, it was ugly. Now Notre Dame came back but it was too little too late. I think maybe the heat and the light freaked them out, they just looked unsettled.
Baylor beat Oklahoma in Norman (first time in centuries) and Duke is 8-1 (somebody told me CW is getting a Duke sweatshirt for xmas this year). State lost (zzzzzz) and UVA came out strong against FSU but that didn't last long. West Virginia went big time against a 4-5 Texas down in Austin and it would have been a good win for them, but I think they got a little intimidated by the atmosphere...and that's always the coach's fault.
Did you see they postponed Jameis Winston's student discipline hearing until like two days after the National Championship game? Jesus H. Christ, what a load of bollox! Jimbo Fischer learned his lesson well from Bobby Bowden. Look I love Bobby Bowden, I though he was a great guy and a great coach. But if Bowden had a weakness it was allowing some of these numbskulls to play at FSU.
Press: Coach your starting running back just got caught kicking his girlfriend's ass in the dorm parking lot and ripping off lobster tails from Publix. What disciplinary action are you taking?
Coach Bowden: He's been severely punished with some internal things I'm not prepared to talk about but I just want you to know, we're not giving up on this young man and he will be starting against the University of Miami on Saturday.

Press: Great Coach, thanks for your time.

Oh yeah, Ohio State beat Michigan State and Oregon beat #17 Utah on the road (as if anyone cares).

So who's left undefeated? Missississippi State, Flawda State and Marshall. Marshall is averaging 50+ points a game and giving up less than 20, but they play teams like Miami of Ohio and FIU. That's a real shame they won't get a shot but that's the way it goes. Doc Holliday won't be hanging around much longer I'd guess. By the way somebody corrected me as to when Doc was at State, my error (memory ain't what it used to be).

That's it, now piss off I'm tired of looking at you.


The Conservative Wahoo said...

Ohio State looked pretty damn good.

Tubby said...

Just wondering... does Duke relax it's standards for football players?

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