Friday, January 2, 2015

Big Fat Friday Free For All

Happy New Year, Americans with something about which to bitch!  Today's your day and this is the place.  Your team get beat by a third string quarterback last night?  Your conference go down in a pile of mush this bowl season?  Let it OUT friends.

150's By 50
A good week, as all first weeks of diets tend to be.  I started at 198.8 and weighed in this morning at 194.8. The hip comes out one month from today (praise be unto Him), which will begin my rehab/exercise/flexibility part of this plan.  Things just hurt too much right now to move around too much.

The Kitten et Kittens have decided helpfully to "get all the bad food out of our house" and stock it full of "healthy" food.  This is good from the perspective of ridding the house of chocolate and other candies, but what they consider healthy consists of lawn clippings and other various components of "cleanses" and "smoothies" which make me gag.  There are a lot of fruits and veggies about, and at some point I'll reintegrate them into the routine.  But for now, it's all about the bass carb zero approach.

I did succeed last night in demonstrating beyond the shadow of a doubt to Kitten #2 that the ribeye is superior to the filet.  I will now have a ribeye partner, which I find to be most excellent.

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Ralph Kinney Bennett said...

The ribeye. Yes! The ribeye. This absolutely shows you are on the right track. Abhorrence of lawn clippings, moderation with our old friends the potatoes and breads. You'll get there.

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