Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Hammer's College Football Roundup: Week 14 (PETA Edition)

Rameses being humiliated
Well, of the two games I saw yesterday Carolina/Clemson was by far the most entertaining. But first I want to mention something that has stuck in my craw for many years, so bear with me a moment. To the left is a Big Horn sheep (ovis canadensis) that UNC, in an absolute unconscionable act of narcissism and self-indulgence as well as institutional malfeasance, parades around football games for the amusement of drunks and idiots. As you can can probably guess, Big Horn sheep do not come with baby blue horns. Is this not animal abuse? There outta be a law!

Ok back to the game. What's up with Clemson? In big games they seem to tighten up when they get ahead. Against Notre Dame they had the Irish down 21-3 and gave up 19 fourth quarter points. Last night they were slowly but steadily degrading Carolina's defense and then started getting procedure calls left right and center. Then the punter goes rogue and tries to run for a first down, eh... without management's authorization. Dabo lost his mind (of course) and the punter got the hair dryer treatment, repeatedly, for the next several plays. It was ugly. But hey, these are college kids, they might do anything at anytime. But there it is, Carolina had a great year, Defensive Coordinator Gene Chizik will be hired by some school never to look back at Chapel Hill again and the Heels will go 6-7 next year (I hope). Regardless I can stop talking about the cheating bastards, they're done.

TigerHawk, I'm so sorry. I feel like an Iowan sometimes having roomed with three Iowa boys in the service of my country (Pomeroy (pop 626), Sioux City and Spencer). I like Iowa folk, down to earth, genuine, friendly bunch. Plus I was sorta pulling for the Hawkeyes although didn't want to get emotionally invested. I just had a feeling that Michigan State's experience in the big games, of which they've had a few this year, would win out. Unfortunately I was right. The Hawkeyes are CERTAINLY good enough to be Big Ten Champs, that is crystal clear. But knowing HOW to win the big games is so important. Tell me, would Ohio State have won last year NOT having gone through the crucible of monster games the Buckeyes play year in and year out? Those uniforms mean something, tradition is power! Sorry Iowa, maybe next year.

Alabama...there is NO substitute. Florida played as well as they can play and they are a well coached, talented football team, but 'Bama is that much better! Alabama's defensive front seven are THE BEST! Their offense can be at times spotty but they've got good receivers and MY Heisman pick Derrick Henry. I would LOVE to see an Oklahoma/Alabama matchup.

So, it'll be Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama and Michigan State. If it goes as expected Clemson will get Michigan State and I'll get my Alabama/OK. I haven't a clue what the lines would be but I'd give 'Bama a 6 point edge and Clemson maybe 3, I say MAYBE.

Well that's it, another season gone by. I'll likely comment on the bowls so stay tuned.


"The Hammer" said...

Disregard my playoff predictions. Obviously I don't know what I'm talking about.

TigerHawk said...

Thanks, Hammer. Still, if that goofy endzone interception had gone the other way, Iowa would have won in all likelihood. Michigan State has arguably won two big games this year on flukes (Michigan and Iowa, although to be sure the Iowa game is much more debateable), and lost one (Nebraska), so there is clearly something going on there...

TigerHawk said...

I am giving very serious thought to going to the Rose Bowl.

"The Hammer" said...

To win any championship in anything, a little luck is essential!

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