Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Metro Line to Dulles May Be a Reality

News yesterday of federal approval for a "Silver Line" to extend the Metro from East Falls Church to Dulles Airport in a series of construction stages. When this line is completed, all three major DC area airports will be serviced by rail, with National and Dulles on Metro, and BWI on the MARC. This is true progress, this is the kind of thing I do think government has a role in financing.

But there are always unintended everything. Boosters of the line speak of its relief of congestion on the Dulles Toll Road (which can be grinding). But commuters turning to metro will then empty at East Falls Church into an already crowded existing metro backbone. Metro is going to have to look at the system as a system, rather than just adding branches without thinking of system impact.

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Dan said...

Had a better chance when gas wasn't as cheap.

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