Friday, December 26, 2008

PEBO Relaxes Before Saving Us

Just kidding with that headline, I don't begrudge the man and his family their Christmas Vacation. He seems to be making all the right moves, working out at a Marine Corps base, visiting with Marines and their families eating Christmas Dinner....all good stuff. Look at pictures of Bill Clinton at the start of his eight years, then at the end. Do the same with George Bush. This job takes its toll on the occupant, and there is no such thing as a vacation when you are the President of the US. Enjoy the fun, Mr. Obama, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


SamShapiro said...

CW, do you have any pictures of yourself from 8 years ago? I bet you looked much younger in them. It's called aging and happens to all of us, including Presidents.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

SS--thank you for explaining a basic physiological and physical fact to me. I am enlightened. Where would I be without your wisdom?

My assertion is that the job ages people FASTER because of the stress it entails. Perhaps you disagree.

SamShapiro said...

CW - I see your point but I don't fully agree. I could take a picture of a bus mechanic from 8 years ago and he'll probably look a mess due to the everyday stresses of providing food and shelter for his family and wondering if he'll still have a job next week. Different stress levels in the big picture but not to that individual.

It's only the people in Hollywood that look better after 8 years.

Mudge said...

Look at Keith Richards between 18 and 26. Just another example of how draining 8 years can be. Although he doesn't appear to have aged a bit since then.

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