Monday, May 25, 2009

E.J. Dionne Pulls Back The Curtain On Ozbama

Be afraid, friends. Be very afraid.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dionne says "Washington has not seen a liberal establishment since the mid-1960s."

If Mr. Dionne cared to take off his liberal blinders he would note that the liberal policies of LBJs war on poverty were damaging to the country.

Sally said...

I would be much more afraid if this came from a source other than E.J. Dionne.

Anonymous said...

anon, can you expand on your assertion that LBJ's war on poverty damaged the country?

Anonymous said...

Just a few reasons why it was damaging to the country.

1. It gave people a way to get by without having to do any work

2. parents urged their children to try to go to special education classes at school as a way to prove they were eligible for [SSI] disability benefits.

3. A failed program that taught people to rely on a handout rather than a hand up.

wahooligan said...

"But establishments have a habit of becoming too confident in their ability to manipulate people and events, and too certain of their own moral righteousness. Obama's political and substantive gifts are undeniable. What he needs to realize are the limits of his own mastery."... perhaps this will be what defines the difference between him being great, and him being good.

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