Monday, May 25, 2009

For Those Who Like a Good Joust

Many of you have indicated a desire that the blog be more "interactive" and by that, that you get to have long running arguments with me. Not my desire, get your own blog if you want to do that. But I've been a little weak over the past few days, and "Anonymous" has made a few points worth responding to. The initial post was about Colin Powell's fitness to be considered a Republican Party spokesman/critic/reformer. I'm a HUGE Powell fan in almost every respect. Indeed, many of the things he says about the Republican Party I AGREE WITH (see my 10 Principles). That said, you don't get to be or be considered a Republican Party spokesman when you quite publicly endorse the candidate of the other Party. See what you think.


Mudge said...

I actually think Anon is a very good and thoughtful writer and I'd love to see him identify himself/herself with a distinguishing name (can still be an alias...just something to distinguish from the hoardes of other anons). But you've hit a valid point, his writing skills exceed his reading interpretation skills. I just finished writing a particularly forceful disagreement with your appreciation of the Pelosi Galore video. If I promise never to do that again can I have my lemming status reinstated?

Anonymous said...

Mudge - anon in question coming up on the net. Your point, as well as Ghost of Halloween Past (from the Powell debate blog), are worth considering, and i will. I am not a regular contributor; however, I do attempt to read all CW's entries and I’ve thought about each of his proposed principles. I will take your criticism to heart and be more careful; however, I am not sure that any view that is fundamentally different to the conservative position won't be discredited as being half baked here. I accept that... However, every once in a while i jump in here because there is rarely a contrarian view presented to initiate a healthy - point counter - point exchange. CW usually brings up a point and 2-3 folks usually jump on board with a partisan endorsement, which is rarely anything but an attack on “damn liberals”. However, occasionally some contributors add great incites; it is extremely rare (you and especially GG being the two most likely to challenge the status quo). Thanks for your thoughtful comments, seriously. And don’t worry your party loyal (lemming) status is safe!

My point -- the Republican Party should open its arms to Powell and his views. Some of his views maybe "immature", but so are the views of most Americans. I am suspect of anyone who thinks they have truly “figured it out”. (that is why I really appreciate CW’s candor the final entries of the Powell exchange, but unless challenged it would never have been unearthed)

Back to Powell, he will help your party win elections - not just arguments within a like minded group. I agree with CW, going back to your social conservative roots will help codify a base that will continue to sell extraordinarily well with 15% to 25% of the voting public. This is what concerns me when i read contributors stating "i am tired of Powell." Stay tired of his views and keep losing.

Mudge said...

Anon - Notwithstanding the fact that you labeled some pretty accomplished and intelligent regular readers/contributors as mindless 'lemmings" -- not me; I'm talking about the others who actually ARE accomplished and intelligent -- I think you'd be far more welcome a contributor at CW than you imagine. And you might be surprised that one who would welcome you the most is CW. Yeah, he's opinionated and he's certainly energetic about his views, AND he can get downright pissy when we put words into his mouth that he did not use or when we use emotion over rational discourse, BUT, more than all of that, he enjoys great debate. And I think he enjoys great debate not just for the debate but also to hone his views and even amend them. He seems to take a peculiar pleasure in yielding his position to a better-reasoned and presented view. I actually think that is a large part of why he puts the energy into this blog that he be challenged by others who enjoy debate and who debate well. I think you are someone who can to that. I once asked another decidedly left-leaning (and excellent) writer here if he was aware of any left wing blogs that would receive opposing views the way his inputs had been (quite favorably) received here at CW. I asked because I had only witnessed almost unanimous vitriol aimed at any counter-view at those sites. He agreed and said he was aware of no such sites where you could have such discourse as we had (at the time) just undertaken at CW. So please, if I may continue to write on behalf of CW (I'm going to hear about the "pissy" comment to be sure) please continue to contribute. I for one enjoy your writing...and I will most certainly disagree with your views from time to time...but I'll bet we'll both learn a few things if you choose to keep writing here. And that, I believe, is really the point of the blog. Oh, and come up with some distinguishing name so we know it's you.

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