Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama To Revive Military Commissions

George Bush's third term (at least in terms of the war on terror) continues apace. President Obama, excoriator of all things Bush in how the war on terror was prosecuted, is about to revive the dreaded, hated military commissions. Like all of the tools Bush used, Obama proposes to tinker on the margins and then tell the world how much different and better his solution is. Nonsense. You get the feeling more and more that the adults were clearly in charge on this front in the Bush White House, and the Obama team knows it.

I look forward to the full-throated criticisms of the Obama Administration in the press over these illegal kangaroo know, just like they did in the Bush Administration.

1 comment:

Mudge said...

"you know, just like they did in the Bush Administration"

yeah, that'll happen.

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