Friday, May 8, 2009

A Justifiable Execution?

Some of you who have been with me since the beginning of the blog know that I'm a late convert to the anti-death penalty camp. I'm not soft on crime or criminals, I just don't think the state ought to be involved in irreversible penalties.

That said, I can't say this story bothered me all that much. It seems that one day in 2004 in Afghanistan, a local decided to douse an American contractor with fuel and then light her on fire. She eventually sustained burns over 60 per cent of her body, before succumbing.

Her colleague, Don Ayala, put a 9mm to the head of the perpetrator (who had been apprehended) and executed him.

Ayala just was tried in Alexandria, VA, fined $12,500 and sentenced to five years probation. A part of me wishes that he had walked free, with no penalty. But I am grateful that he will not have to serve time in prison, and I hope that some company in the defense contracting world finds a way to put this man to work.


Anonymous said...

He should be given a medal.

I also hope that those who prosecuted him for his justifiable actions someday have a loved one suffer a fate similar to Mr. Ayala's colleague.

Anonymous said...

These are the things that happen in the world and will soon begin to happen with greater frequency in the United States of America.

As President Obama and the Democratic Party continue to destroy the economy and continue to pour fuel on the fires of class envy there will be more and more occurrences of people attempting to unlawfully take the property from somebody else.

Maybe a law that requires everybody to be armed would serve as a deterrent.

Doc Milnamo said...

Anonymous said, "Maybe a law that requires everybody to be armed would serve as a deterrent."

It wouldn't work. Try to go out and purchase ammunition today in the 5.56mm and .380 calibers. Even the crappy stuff - if you can find it - is expensive. We'll all be armed but with no ammo! I know, save the brass and reload.

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