Sunday, September 7, 2008

On the American Voter

Interesting article this morning in the Post about American voters. Citing "5 Myths", the author does a good job of skewering the romantic (and widely held) view of American voters as somehow knowledgeable and informed. It was nice to see that Rush Limbaugh listeners were (on the average) more knowledgeable about politics and social issues than the average American. I'm not a Rush listener, but most of the callers I hear when I do tune in (rare) are generally up to speed on the issues (after they impoverish themselves by saying "mega dittoes" or whatever it is they say).

O'Reilly on the other hand is a different story. Again, I'm not surprised that his viewers are at least as knowledgeable as those who watch the Daily Show (aim high, huh?). I'm just can't stand O'Reilly. He should never be considered conservative. He's a classic populist, and I just don't like populists (grandstanders, least common denominator, you know the type).

I'm also heartened by the myth of young voters--they tend to be energetic, emotional, involved....and I think they give off a sense that there are more of them because of this.


Anonymous said...

Are you saying young voters (original word substituted) are telling tales of sound and fury, signifying nothing?

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Um, yep.

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