Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Amanda Knox, aka Foxy Knoxy, was acquitted of murder yesterday in her second trial in the university town of Perugia, Italy. As you may know, the Italian appeals system is a bit different from ours. Unlike our system where appellate judges are only concerned with the legal aspects of a trial, the Italians grant a new trial and the state has to present its case all over again. It's redundant as hell but it seems to work faster than ours and hey, that's just the way they do things.

So, was justice done? Well, there's no question the DNA evidence wasn't collected in accordance with the strict policies and procedures of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. And I'm sure David Caruso would rip those sunglasses off and give a hard stare at how the Italians handled the chain of evidence. But believe it or not, murderers were actually prosecuted and convicted before DNA technology. Now some will say the evidence is all circumstantial and there were no eyewitnesses, and that may be true, but there usually never are. Was the Manson family convicted on eyewitness testimony?

I won't attempt a long recitation of the facts here. If you're interested you can research those for yourself but don't look too hard in the American media, you won't find a helluva lot. But in my humble opinion the facts, I repeat...THE FACTS all point to Knox and her boyfriend.

Coulter had a good column a few weeks ago on this case. Click on the header if you're interested.

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Mudge said...

What are you saying? That the American media cannot be trusted to report the facts? When the unions, this Administration and passionately misguided college students get their way and shut down our economy, you will become a member in the inaugural class of the national re-education camp where you will be encouraged to reflect on your radical views. Imagine, someone actually believes that you can't trust our beloved guardians of the national truth? How do you live with yourself after attacking our soldiers of veracity? Shame, shame, SHAME!

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