Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Random Thanksgiving Thoughts

The Geheimstattpolizei with whom I reside take a tough line on any outward recognition of Christmas prior to the completion of Thanksgiving dinner.  Recognizing of course, their sovereignty within the living spaces of the house, I exercise complete dominion over the ManCave, where Christmas candles blaze as I write this, and Pandora serenades me with Christmas carols.  There are some elements of their argument for which I have sympathy.  For instance, the thought of Christmas shopping on Thanksgiving is a horror to me.  Black Friday too.  But the essence of their beef comes down to Thanksgiving not getting its due--which I completely deny.

Thanksgiving is to Christmas like the Daytona 500 is to whatever is the last NASCAR race of the season.  It gets things off to a great start. In my view, the Christmas Season starts with Thanksgiving and ends with Christmas Dinner.  New Years Day doesn't count in any of this, as it is basically a sideshow to me.  That I may burn Christmas candles and listen to Christmas music in no way diminishes my love for Thanksgiving.  This is not a zero sum.  I have limitless love to give this season.

I have great sympathy for those who travel this time of year--especially this year, given the weather on the East Coast.  We have settled into a routine here in which Thanksgiving is spent either at our house with local relations or at the Kitten's Aunt/Uncle's house with the same relations.  This year, it is here.  I am the Turkey Commissar, a task in which I revel.  Very few smells in the world like a basting bird.  The attention and care a turkey demands is similar to that of a fine woman, the delivery of which brings great reward to the provider.  I will remove the 22 pounder from the fridge tonight for some initial prep/innards removal/stock creation.  It'll go in the oven at about 1100 tomorrow.  Yum.

On another note, I will head down to Mudge's place Friday to take my place in a deerstand Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.  The hunting grounds have been fertile thus far in the season, at least judging from Mudge's photos.  Having not so much as SEEN a deer from my stand in previous trips, I remain a skeptic.  Mudge's company is however, sufficient palliative to my hunting woes.  There is some talk of Admiral Nevin showing up too.

The Wahoos host rival Virginia Tech this Saturday, both programs having had tough years (though Tech remains much better).  I have passed along my tickets to my buddy from Richmond, hoping of course he does not further gift them to a dreaded Hokie.  Given the choice between sitting and watching bad/frustrating football and sitting in a deerstand quietly contemplating the world, I chose the latter.

From the McGrath/Murphy Family, Happy Thanksgiving to all who keep the season well.


Dear ol' Dad said...

You were taught well. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.

Ziskey said...

Best use of a Cold War East German secret police metaphor in a Thanksgiving discourse ever!

Mudge said...

"Having not so much as SEEN a deer from my stand in previous trips, I remain a skeptic."

Perhaps if this year (before returning to the truck to turn on the heat) you remain in your stand longer than 1/2 hour, you may alter your faunal fortune.

Either way though, I agree, I enjoy the camaraderie even more than the hunt (plus, I generally don't have to gut my comrades when we're done camaradering). I do wish you a sighting at the least or even better, a trophy; but at best, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving with your loved ones. See you Friday at 2.

"The Hammer" said...

I'm with the Stasi on this one. No Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving.

"The Hammer" said...

Oh, hope everyone has a great holiday and if you're sitting around the table with a leftist Obamaton or two, GIVE 'EM HELL!

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