Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Why I'm Not a Republican: Reason #5698

I've seen some BS artists in my day but nobody takes the cake like Terry McAuliffe. Here he is with his best Bub (no slouch in the BS department either) running the game on Haley Barbour with that electric car scam they had going on (you would think Barbour would be wise to their jive but hey, a good scam artist knows which buttons to push). So how exactly did a guy like this, a smarmy con man, a grifter, a proven liar and a cheat, how exactly did a guy like this get elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia? He should be under indictment for Christ's sake! Simple my friends, the GOP preferred him over Cuccinelli.

You see Cuccinelli is a threat. To establishment Republicans he is more dangerous than Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or in this case Terry McAuliffe. He represents an existential threat to the Rockefeller Republicans who for all intents and purposes are Progressive Democrats, but unfortunately the Democratic Party is just too damned working class for their delicate sensibilities (what would Grand Pa-Pa and Grand Ma-Ma say if they were alive). Plus if one were a Democrat one would have to associate with union people, blacks, social degenerates and the like (what next, we'll have to carry our own golf clubs?). My God it's just intolerable. No, best stay behind the walls of our gated communities and let the Democrats protect our interests (did you see how much the DOW has gone up?).

Mr. Cuccinelli had to be nipped in the bud. So no fundraising letters from the RNC. No heavy hitters visiting Virginia campaigning for Cuccinelli. Get the word out to his consultants that unless he runs from the crazies like Ted Cruz they'll never get a job again. Hit the press hard with the "Cuccinelli can't win" message. Turn a blind eye when Democrats bankroll the Libertarian's campaign so as to syphon votes. In short do everything possible to sabotage Cuccinelli because with a huckster like Terry McAuliffe and all his baggage, it's gonna take some work.

Well thanks a lot GOP. I tried it your way...and lost! But until my wing of the party gets a little God Damned respect you've seen the last dollar from the Hammer household (no matter how much CW begs). And on election day I'll be playing golf...on my xBox.


Mudge said...

Amen and Amen. I also can't help but wonder how much money the McCauliffe campaign as well as the establishment GOP sent to the Libertarian candidate to bleed votes from Cucinelli.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

A little goddamned respect? YOUR wing of the party lost winnable Senate seats in Missouri, Indiana and Delaware. YOUR wing of the party insisted on putting forward a candidate in the Virginia Governor's race WHO COULD NOT BEAT A CRIMINAL. Forget about "establishment" Republican support and your (both of you) wild fantasies about where McCauliffe and the libertarian got their money. You can continue to sit back in your fantasy world and wait for the rest of us to come around to your philosophies, or you can recognize that the ONLY way WE get to change things is to WIN elections. And to WIN elections, one must appeal to more than just one's narrow 1/3 base. Cuccinelli lost single women by 40% and single men by 24%. His brand of politics may be just what the doctor ordered for farty old white men like us, but it isn't going to win us elections.

CPG said...

Hammer Time!

"The Hammer" said...

CW you're not seriously suggesting Cuccinelli couldn't have won that race are you? He was abandoned by the RNC, he was outspent (especially in the last 30 days) like crazy and the libertarian (who was bankrolled by a Clintonista fat cat) pulled 6.5% out of Cuccinelli's column. And McAuliffe, with all those advantages maxed out at 48%! And you know 2-3% of that is voter fraud!
The fact is we're not winning with moderates. The only people getting any traction these days are the Tea Party folks. And you could run Jacob Javits and it don't mean a thing, the Democrats are going to paint whomever as a Tea Party nut regardless.
I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of guys like Norm Coleman who sit back and watch as elections get stolen from right under their nose. I'm tired of Republicans consultants being scared of "single women". Who cares? We're not getting that vote anyway, married women are our constituency!
Cuccinelli is the kind of guy you could vote for and I could vote for. Why is he on the RNC ignore list? Until that changes the RNC ain't getting a dime.

The Conservative Wahoo said...

Hammer--here's how I see the VA race, stolen (unfortunately) from Jonathan Chait. A good Republican candidate could have beaten McAullife. A good Democratic candidate would have SLAUGHTERED Cuccinelli.

But--I've thought a lot today about a double standard that I've been wielding, one I need to rectify. When my man--Romney--dissatisfied the Tea Party--my line was "he is our candidate, get in line and support him." The same should have applied to me vis-a-vis Cuccinelli, and it should have applied to those who withheld funding. Unless someone embarrasses the party in some meaningful way, the Party should support him/her. On this point, I have been wrong.

JB said...

Ronald Reagan's famous 11th Commandment was: never speak ill of another Republican. Republicans today would do well to remember that, especially folks like the Mayor of Virginia Beach, and others like him, who publicly supported McAwful.

The fact is, there were MANY different contributing factors into why McAwful won w/ a plurality of the vote. That said, I'll bet whomever in the Republican establishment made the decision to only give Cooch $3M instead of the $9m they gave McDonnell is taking a look at that 2.5% margin and kicking themselves right about now.

"The Hammer" said...

I believe the WFB rule; run the most conservative candidate who can actually WIN. And CW is right, the Tea Pary folks have run some real losers.The problem now is we've got a lot of distrust within the party. You've got John McCain out there saying stuff like "We fought as hard as we could in a fair and honest manner and we lost," so as far as he's concerned Obamacare is settled law because "the people spoke" when reelecting Obama. I ask you, when is the last time liberals declared a law they didn't like as "settled"? Kiss my ass it's settled. They'll do anything to get their way! Use the courts, pass bills nobody has seen with no debate, whatever it take to do bidnez! They worry about the politics later. But instead of taking the fight to the bastards (including the media) our guys are bending over like a jailhouse sissy. And then they pull stupid crap like this with Cuccinelli!
I don't know but it seems to me whoever is running the store over at the RNC ain't that committed!

Anonymous said...

Amen Hammer I have been there for awhile now. NO money for the RNC give it to the ones fighting for results Freedom Works and Heritage groups.

Their has been some real donuts run by the tea party "Akin", but that is part of the game, some guys look great in basic but just crumble under fire. The list of Repub Rhino's that have been failures are legion. McCain, Romney, and the list of ones that just killed our chances with graft, debauchery, etc...

Dems never give up, look at the same sex marriage issue. Think of all the states that banned same sex marriage. Even California the Pansy shralala bastion passed it. Did the Dems say the people have spoken by vast majorities in a majority of the US states? Of course not they went to the courts and forced the issue while ignoring passed law.

We don't send politicians to washington to get rich in kick backs and we don't send them to start a new career. We send them to fight for the issues we vote on them to push or fight.


Tom de Plume said...

Mudge, Hammer, I am engaged in a fiery debate with a much more conservative fellow than I who makes the same arguments you do about GOP moderates and how we always lose when choosing one. I still can not get an answer though as to which conservative could have beaten Obama in 2008, and do you think Rick Santorum could have beaten Obama in 2012?

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